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Non-Fiction (246 series)

Our Amazing Solar System (Stingray Hi/Lo)  

Take a fact-filled flight through our amazing solar system in this Hi-Lo series. Jump into orbit around its planets and dwarf planets. Includes a support page of teaching tips for caregivers and teachers. Downloadable Teacher's Notes available.

Our Planet Earth (Blastoff! Readers: Level 3)

Animals chatter throughout rain forests. Sand whirls across deserts. Currents course down rivers. Earth is covered in breathtaking landforms that play a special role in making our planet unique. In this series, readers will learn about each landform, including what sets them apart, what plants and animals call them home, and how people use them. Special features such as diagrams, landform profiles, and more guide readers as they discover each natural wonder!

Paranormal Field Guides (Hi Jinx)

Stories about mythical creatures and ghastly ghouls have been around for centuries. And they still captivate the imaginations of readers today. Inspire readers to take their interest in the paranormal to the next level with these conversational, goofy guides that illustrate how to search for these creatures through colourful designs, witty text, and critical thinking questions.

Party Time! (Express!)

Make some tasty treats and hang up decorations. It is time to party! In this series, readers will learn how to make fun and unique drinks, snacks, games, and decorations to celebrate holidays throughout the year. Each craft includes facts that highlight the history, symbols, and traditions associated with each holiday. Additional tips and tricks will help readers make their crafts shine. Readers are sure to enjoy creating festive party crafts all year long!

Patterns Everywhere

Step outside. Let's find designsÑ branching, cracking, spirals, lines. Search the dirt, the seas, the air. Patterns, patterns everywhere. Look around and discover patterns in the natural world! You might see them in leaf veins, in coral reefs, in sand dunes, and in many other places. Rhyming verse is accompanied by stunning photographs and brief side bars that explain how these different patterns form.

Period.: The Quick, All-Inclusive Guide for Every Uterus

Periods. Every person who menstruates has a different relationship with their ""Aunt Flow"": some good, and some . . . not-so-good. This 4-colour graphic novel guide embraces all the icky, all the sticky, and all the confusing of our monthly cycle, acknowledging that there's no cookie cutter way to manage the physical and emotional mayhem. Filled with consumable, bite-sized tips, tricks, and ""inside"" medical information, this humorous, character-driven guide is the best friend you never knew y

Pet Detectives

An introduction to some of the world's most lovable pets. Each book is filled with amazing facts and beautiful photos.

Pick a Plate (Fusion Books)

An exciting, gamified approach makes it fun to play with food! Empower young readers to identify food groups on their plates so they can make smart food choices. These colourful books combine photos and illustrations of everyday meals. Let’s help readers make informed food choices. It’s time to pick a plate!

Planet Explorer (Lightning Bolt Books®)

Introduce readers to our solar system's eight planets. From Jupiter's moons to Neptune's winds, the books reveal key planetary information and the technology scientists use to study them. Page Plus QR codes lead to downloadable 3D printer models from NASA.


Making food from sunshine, dripping with poison, and even eating living animals...what can't plants do? Take a fresh look at the plant kingdom, focusing on the science behind the living things that give us oxygen, provide us with food, and fill our world with colour. Bright, engaging photos and fun, lively text will keep readers turning the page while a final activity makes learning about science hands on. It's Plant-tastic!