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Non-Fiction (246 series)

Nature's Neighborhoods: All about Ecosystems

Walk through a forest, explore a backyard, or peer into a pond or a tidal pool, and you’ll soon discover that these natural habitats are teeming with life. From the tiniest insect to the tallest tree, a flower filled with nectar to a soggy piece of seaweed, every living thing has an important role to play.Readers will discover how living things depend on each other and their environment for survival. Readers will discover connections and interactions between the plants, animals, and other livi

Nature's Rule Breakers: Creatures That Don't Fit In

You're probably familiar with many of the common categories scientists use for animals: warm-blooded or cold-blooded, nocturnal or diurnal. But what about the animals that don't fit in? Sharks cannot be classified as warm or cold-bloodedÑthey are somewhere in-between. And Eurasian eagle owls don't hunt during the day or night. Instead, they swoop through the trees at dawn and dusk. Author and science educator Jessica Fries-Gaither introduces seven common categories scientists use and the animals

NBA All-Time Greats  

From the pioneers of the 1950s to the global superstars of today, the NBA has always been home to supremely talented players. Get to know the best of the best from your favorite teams through the years. This compelling series is sure to hook readers from the start.

NBA Teams  

Each NBA Teams title explores a National Basketball Association (NBA) basketball team. Readers will learn about a teamÎs history, uniforms, accomplishments, statistics, modern players players, coaches, and more. Exciting photos and fascinating facts will help engage even reluctant readers as they learn about their favorite team.

Never Give Up: Dr. Kati Karikó and the Race for the Future of Vaccines

Meet Hungarian American biochemist Katalin ""Kati"" Kariko. She became fascinated by science as a child and grew up determined to find a way to use messenger RNA-a copy of a part of DNA that provides cells with instructions to make proteins-to help fight illness. An mRNA vaccine had never been made before, and she faced frequent criticism and was told by other scientists she would never succeed. Kariko refused to give up her research, and when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, she played a critical rol

NHL Teams

This action-packed series introduces young readers to the hottest teams in the National Hockey League. Each book provides an inside look at the team's history, from its formation up to the present day, while highlighting the team's greatest players and key moments. Each book includes a table of contents, team facts, additional resources links, a glossary, and an index.

North American Wildlife (Bigfoot Books)

Few places are more wild than North AmericaÎs wilderness. Wolves howl. Coyotes prowl. Bison thunder across prairies. Moose trek snowy mountains. Bald eagles soar through the sky. Red foxes and raccoons prowl through fields and forests, North America is full of wonderful wildlife. Learn where these animals live, how they hunt and stay safe, and the amazing features of their bodies. Discover the many animals that live in (and shape) these wonderful wild landscapes!

On a Flake-Flying Day: Watching Winter's Wonders

On a feather-fluffing, seed-stuffing, cloud-puffing day . . .Weasels whiten. / Cardinals brighten. / Frost glistens. / Owl listens. From Buffy Silverman, author of On a Gold-Blooming Day and On a Snow-Melting Day, comes the third installment of a seasonal celebration. With winter's arrival, plants and animals hunker down for the cold season. Rhyming text and eye-catching photos sparkle in this wonderful read-aloud that encourages kids to closely observe the natural world.

On a Gold-Blooming Day: Finding Fall Treasures

From Buffy Silverman, author of On a Snow-Melting Day, comes an exciting companion book. As autumn begins, plants and animals in nature begin to change in all kinds of ways to prepare for winter. Brilliant photos and rhyming text work together in this engaging read-aloud to highlight these changes, and back matter offers more information about each creature and change featured.

Operation Pangolin: Saving the World's Only Scaled Mammal

What animal is the world's only scaled mammal? The pangolin!Prized for their hard scales, pangolins are one of the most poached animals on the planet. They are also highly endangered. Yet scientists know very little about them. Pangolin rescuers and researchers such as Thai Nguyen have the difficult task of saving pangolins, changing local laws to prevent poaching, educating locals, and learning more about these mysterious creatures. Join author and photographer Suzi Eszterhas in this exploratio