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50 American Heroes Every Kid Should Meet (2nd Rev. Ed.)

Heroes come in all sizes, colours, and ages, and 50 American Heroes Every Kid Should Meet (2nd Revised Edition) introduces readers to a diverse cast of great Americans. The remarkable stories of fifty inspiring Americans are highlighted, from Jane Addams to Louis Zamperini. Revised in 2016 to include ten new heroes, up-to-date web sites, as well as the most current biographical information available, this edition will inform and inspire readers by the original authors.

90 Days of Different  

In this novel for teens, Sophie graduates from high school, her boyfriend breaks up with her because she's boring, and her best friend challenges her to try ninety different things.

Abandoned Places

Where did everyone go? This series explores the history or mystery behind the world's most famous ghost towns and other abandoned sites. Curious readers will sort through reasons or theories that explain why people left places like Bodie, California; Machu Picchu, Peru; and the Lost Colony of Roanoke.

Action Force

Readers will go behind the scenes and ride along with the world’s toughest, most courageous, and highly-trained units, both on the battlefield and on the streets. They’ll take in all the rough-and-tumble adventure that military, police, and other security personnel face each day in this high-energy series. Thrilling stories, insider information, and action photography combine for a captivating look at these forces at work.

Action Force: World War II

Seventy years after the end of World War II, interest in that epic conflict continues unabated, even among today’s young readers. This series takes a unique look at World War II, tackling he subject by the various fighting forces that engaged in it on both the Allied and Axis sides. Two-page profiles detail the forces themselves as well as the most significant hardware—planes, tanks, ships, and more—that those men and women employed.

Adventurous Outdoor Sports

Adventurous Outdoor Sports takes readers off the beaten path and into the world of adrenaline lovers and thrill seekers who push the limits of speed and safety participating in the sports they love. Each book in the series focuses on a group of sports with a common element, from water, air and snow to mountains and all-terrain adventures.

Alligator's Smile, The: And Other Poems

This collection of fourteen poems by Jane Yolen focuses on alligators and is illustrated with stunning, large-scale photographs. Brief nonfiction information accompanies the poems.

Amazing Athletes

This series introduces young readers to some of sports' greatest superstars. Follow each athlete's career from the beginning and discover how each of these successful competitors worked their way to the top of their sport.

Amazing Science Experiments

Science comes alive through simple experiments that demonstrate scientific concepts including electricity, forces and motion, and states of matter. Simple step-by-step instructions describe how to complete each experiment while informative text explains why the experiment works.

America at War

America at War delivers an in-depth look at the role the United States played in the major wars throughout its history. Each book explores how the nation became involved in the conflict and provides interesting facts about key players, major battles, and overall impact. From dramatic moments to critical events, each spread takes readers on an exciting journey.