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Non-Fiction (246 series)

Tough Times to Be a Kid

If you think making your bed and getting your homework done is tough, imagine what it must have been like to live in a time with no toilets or where you have to start training as a soldier when you were just seven! The past is full of tough times to be a kid. Learn what it was like to live amongst the pyramids, sail in a Viking ship, and more in this high-interest series that will have you grateful for your life in the modern day.­

Train Your Brain  

Your brain is amazing. It develops as you learn and you have the power to teach it to think in different ways. This series explores creative careers to inspire your future and will help you to train your brain to think like a professional.

Ultimate Supercars

Buckle up! This series takes readers for a spin in the fastest, most technologically advanced cars in history and today. Each title features informative sidebars, detailed infographics, vivid photos, and a glossary.

Underground Animal Life

Dig deep into the fox’s den, the groundhog’s burrow, and more to learn all about creatures that have adapted to life below the soil. Bright photos and carefully levelled text take the curricular concept of habitats and turns it into an adventure exploring with these fascinating animals. A featured Science Lab activity puts the readers to the test to use what they’ve learned and flexes their skills of observation to study the animals further. Get the hole truth about animals that live underground

Understanding Canadian Government and Citizenship  

This dynamic series introduces young readers to the three levels of government in Canada and its impact on daily life. It also explores the rights and responsibilities of citizens. Colourful flowcharts and diagrams illustrate government processes, while sidebars examine contemporary issues and invite readers to think critically about modern Canadian politics.

Understanding Disability (21st Century Junior Library)

This series explores disability in a comprehensive, honest, and age-appropriate way. Engaging inquiry-based side bars encourage students to LOOK, THINK, MAKE A GUESS, ASK QUESTIONS, and CREATE. Books are authored by writers with disabilities and the series has been developed in partnership with Easterseals who is leading the way to full equity, inclusion, and access through life-changing disability and community services.

Understanding Geology (Lighthouse)  

Each title in the Understanding Geology series introduces a different type of rock or mineral and shows why it is a special part of our planet. Includes a support page of teaching tips for caregivers and teachers. Downloadable Teacher's Notes available.

Unofficial Guides (21st Century Skills Innovation Library)

The Unofficial Guides series explores the various aspects of today's most popular games and programs including Apex Legends, LEGO Mindstorms, Fortnite, Minecraft, Animal Crossing, Among Us and more! Each collection covers topics ranging from basic to advanced. This series is perfect for the hands-on techie.

Using Simple Machines

For thousands of years, six simple machines have helped people do amazing things. Each title in this informative series introduces young readers to one simple machine, describing how it works, how it helps people do jobs, and how it is used for fun.

Video Games

Explore some of todayÎs top video games in this crowd-pleasing series. Each book gives a basic overview of a popular video game genre, its history, and the types of games it involves. Short paragraphs of easy-to-read text are paired with colourful photos to making reading simple and fun.