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Non-Fiction (246 series)

That's Not a Dino! (Fusion Books)

With sharp teeth, giant bodies, and terrific tails, dinosaurs once ruled the planet. But they weren’t alone! Travel back in time on an adventure to find out all about creatures that lived alongside (but were not) dinos. Real fossil photos alongside captivating illustrations of dinosaurs make for a roaring good time for dinos lovers and budding scientists alike.

The Adventures of Dr. Sloth : Rebecca Cliffe and Her Quest to Protect Sloths

True or false: Sloths are lazy. Answer: False! True or false: Sloths are mysterious. Answer: True! Scientists are only beginning to discover how sloths live in the wild.Sloths spend most of their lives in trees, and until recently scientists didn’t know very much about them. But Dr. Rebecca Cliffe was determined to discover their secrets. To find out more, she fitted sloths with special backpacks containing a device to track their activity.

The Fight for Black Rights

Examine the struggle for justice for Black Americans, from voter suppression and the controversy over Confederate monuments to the protests against police brutality and racially motivated violence. Gain historical and current context to understand why the fight for Black rights continues today.

The Great Canadian Road Trip (Expedition)  

Get ready to explore Canada like never before-from coast to coast to coast. This highly visual series takes readers on a road trip across the Canadian provinces and territories. Visit major cities, and head off the beaten path to explore the people, environment, foods, cultures, and history of each region. Detours add fun trivia and jokes to the road trip, while maps show the route travelled.

The World of Dinosaurs (Epic)

Movies and television shows have turned people of all ages into dinosaur fanatics. But what were these prehistoric creatures really like, and what wiped them out? This high-interest series explores the lives of world-famous dinosaurs, from diets to defenses, and examines what drove these great beasts to extinction. Maps, size comparisons, and other special features help bring the exciting world of dinosaurs to life!

This Is My Family (Abdo Kids Junior)

Families come in all shapes and sizes. This series makes sure that all kinds of families are represented in your library. Simple, sweet text introduces a family and is followed by fun, everyday activities and interactions that all types of families experience. Aligned to Common Core standards & correlated to state standards.

Too Cute! (Blastoff! Beginners)

Spend time with some aww-dorable babies in this series for beginning readers! Simple, predictable text and cute, colourful photos support students just starting to read on their own. Readers will learn basic facts about each baby including favourite foods and how they play. Features show the animals at each life stage and reinforce facts from the text. Young readers will love growing with favourite animal babies in this series that is simply too cute!

Top Brands

Video games, movies, toys, and social media apps are all popular sources of entertainment. This fun series shows off the companies behind top brands, their history, and the products and experiences they provide.

Topics to Talk About (21st Century Junior Library)

The Topics to Talk About series covers important topics for discussion. From death to divorce, from racism to religion, complicated topics are broken down for young readers. Filled with engaging photos and captions, this series opens up opportunities for deeper thought and informed conversation.

Totally Not True!

Have you seen a Bigfoot? No? But you have probably heard of Bigfoot, and people are convinced that it is real. How do we know what is real and what is not? We use scientific method. TNT blows apart myths with SCIENCE! Gather the evidence and test it. Will the myth hold up to explosive science? There is only one way to find out.