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Non-Fiction (246 series)

Settler Life in Canada (True North)  

This series examines life in pioneer times, 1780-1890. These titles concentrate on how and why things were built certain ways, also discussing how things varied across the country and why. Each book includes a hands-on project to extend learning.

Simple Machines (Crabtree Roots Plus)  

Children will be surprised to learn how often they use simple machines in their everyday life. Each book features large brightly coloured photographs, simple text, and sight words to aid comprehension. Early readers will enjoy learning how these kinds of tools work, while also practicing their reading skills. This book also includes a page for caregivers and teachers that suggests guiding questions to help aid in reading comprehension. Downloadable Teacher's Guide available.

Smashing Stigma: Dismantling Stereotypes, Prejudice, and Discrimination

Stigma is everywhere, from mistrust of unhoused people to discrimination based on weight. Having and discussing mental health challenges has been stigmatized for years until recently when high-profile actors, athletes, and professionals started to share their experiences. Where do these ideas come from and how are they perpetuated in our society? Readers will learn how to stop the spread of stereotypes and prejudice. Informational text on how to identify and confront stigma is paired with person

Snow Babies

Travel through the ice and snow with the most adorable animal babies! Discover which animal grows a brown coat in summer and white fur in winter, and find out how much a newborn panda weighs. From skating puma cubs to sliding penguins, discover how these cute animals survive freezing temperatures, what they eat and how they play.

Space Files

This is a collection of important space files, which should only be read by special agents. These files contain information on some of the weirdest things that we know about in space, from diamond planets to twin black holes. This series contains all the science information you need to understand, but beware © there are some things in space that even scientists arenÎt sure of...

Spiders: We're Not Scary—We're Amazing!

If you love spiders, or if you are terrified of spiders, or if you just want to be mind-boggled by some incredible arachnid facts, this book is for you! These little eight-legged creatures are often the stuff of people's nightmares, but spiders are amazing animals that are essential for our world. In this book, spiders set out to convince their human doubters that they really aren't out to scare or harm people. In fact, they are far too busy weaving beautiful silk structures, hunting, keeping in

Sports Positions (Stingray Hi/Lo)  

In this Hi-Lo series, readers will learn what it takes to be an athlete in a lead position on a sports team. Exciting images and simple text engage reluctant readers. Each book features a glossary, comprehension questions, and a list of the top 10 athletes in that position. Includes a support page of teaching tips for caregivers and teachers. Downloadable Teacher's Notes available.

Sports Superstars

This series explores the lives and careers of some of the greatest athletes alive. The books use short paragraphs of easy-to-read text and colourful photos to showcase these exciting athletes.

Sports Superstars (Torque)

Crushing records, earning trophies, achieving greatness: sports superstars combine immense talent with dedicated hard work to achieve these goals and become the best. Each title in this high-low series covers the childhood, career, and highlights of superstars from basketball, football, gymnastics, and more. Engaging text and eye-catching photos showcase each athlete’s skills. Features include maps, trophy shelves, athlete favourites, and more!


Using engaging infographics, Sports Infographics breaks down the STEM concepts behind a range of popular sports. Readers will learn to be strategic to increase basketball scores, dive into the angles behind a perfect crack of the bat, and determine how to make winning guesses based on scoreboards and statistics.