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Picture Books and Fiction (210 series)

Helping Hand, A

Providing a picture book approach to PSHE topics, A Helping Hand helps children understand and cope with upsetting situations they might face.

Helping Paws Academy

This inviting chapter book series explores health topics through the friendly lens of therapy dogs. Therapy dogs are specially trained to help kids through medical experiencesÑfrom lifting spirits, motivating movement, modeling the power of play, and more. Nonfiction back matter provides more information about medical topics introduced in the books, from acute to chronic issues, while also providing more information about therapy dog programs and the Mayo Clinic Children's Center.

Histronauts, The

Crack open a What Happened? book to investigate a preposterous mystery from four different perspectives. See what the witnesses get right . . . and what they get hilariously wrong. Bet you'll never guess what really happened!

Holidays in Our Home

Explore the beauty and significance of holidays and festivals around the world! Children have the opportunity to embrace multiculturalism and understand the world around them at a young age. Each book includes cultural backmatter and an activity or craft to continue the celebration in the classroom or in your own home.

Holly and the Pittie Party

An abandoned pit bull pup roams the city in search of love and belonging while facing mistreatment and misconceptions about her breed.

Home for Grace

When a woman appears with a sleeping bag, living in a shop doorway, Jess is full of questions. Where is her home? Why did she leave? And what will happen when the snow comes?Inspired by a case of unkindness towards an unhoused person outside a bookshop, witnessed by the author and her daughter, this sensitive and nuanced picture book encourages compassion and embracing differences. Told from a child's perspective, we learn together that everybody has a story and a personal concept of what 'home'

Horse and Zebra

Horse and Zebra are best friends, but they couldnÎt be more different! While Horse is steady and sensible, Zebra is zany and creative. But what they have in common is that they will always look out for each other, and theyÎre always ready to help another animal in need.

How to Dragon

Douglas doesn't fit in with other dragons. Instead of battling knights and frightening princesses, he likes to spend his time picking flowers and baking treats. To get him to become more fearsome, Douglas' doctor prescribes some dragon exercises. With help from a clever knight, Douglas works to become the scariest creature in the land. But he soon learns that mean and frightening are not the only things a dragon can be.

Hush-a-Bye Night: Goodnight Lake Superior

As the sun sets on Lake Superior and the moon begins to rise, all kinds of creatures--from the solitary loon to a tumble of fox kits to a family like yours--begin their nighttime routines. This lyrical lullaby to the lake, and the flora and fauna that call its shores home, is a beautiful ode to the most beautiful lake. Backmatter includes science and nature facts.

I Care (Pull Ahead Readers People Smarts-Fiction)

Learn ways to be a good sibling, friend, community member, and more in this fiction series about connecting with others. Each story's carefully levelled text and delightful illustrations support young children learning to read.