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Picture Books and Fiction (96 series)

One Blue Gnu

When a box of cell phones is accidentally delivered to the zoo, one blue gnu quickly calls two white sheep, who plan a party - beep beep beep! This illustrated picture book will keep young readers giggling and guessing to the end. ONE BLUE GNU is a fun and colourful romp at the zoo, where we count from one to ten and down again in one huge party!

Owl's Outstanding Donuts

When an owl alerts Mattie Waters to suspicious activity near her aunt's Big Sur donut shop, Mattie must rally her friends, face her fears, and try to save her new home.


Fred the Giant's off fishing today. But look! His GIANT PANTS are caught on the end of his hook! Follow Fred as he drags his giant pants all around town, scooping up a cat, the baker and all his cakes, a fire engine . . . you'd be amazed how much fits in those megapants. What pantemonium!

Powwow Mystery

Indigenous twins Jaime and Marie Longbow love solving mysteries, and that is exactly what they get to do travelling around from powwow to powwow.

Reading Gems Phonics

Reading Gems Phonics is for children who are learning their letters and sounds. Simple, engaging stories provide gentle phonics practice. Each book includes phonics-based activities and games to aid comprehension and extend learning. Designed to support a child’s learning at school. Featuring original stories, delightful characters and humorous illustrations, these books have been designed to put the fun back into reading.

Rissy No Kissies

A lovebird who doesn't like kisses? Rissy's friends and family wonder if she's sick, confused, or rude. But kisses make Rissy uncomfortable. Can one little lovebird show everyone that there's no one right way to show you care? Rissy No Kissies carries the message that ""your body and your heart are yours, and you choose how to share."" A note at the end provides further information for kids, parents, and educators about body autonomy, consent, and different ways to show affection.

Ruby and Graham

Ruby loves fun and Graham loves organizing. They make sure that Acorn Wood is a beautiful and lively place. But when Graham decides to party all the time like Ruby, things start to go wrong.

Seal Child

A little girl and a young seal pup are separated from their families after a devastating storm. The daunting task of finding their families again is not quite so scary when they are together.

Snowman's Big Adventure

This humorous picture book begins with a girl’s drawing of a sweaty, smelly snowman named Sue who argues with the girl about her artistic choices. As she continues to draw, the girl weaves a tale that displeases the snowman. Will the tutu-wearing snowman get his way and change the story, or will the girl, a dragon, and a puppy named Puddles win out?

Sun & Son

Paired verbs tell two parallel stories between the human world and the natural world: While a father nurtures a son during a birthday camping trip, the sun nurtures our planet in this inspirational picture book.