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Picture Books and Fiction (148 series)

Olive Oh

Olive Oh is going to be a famous artist when she grows up. Right now, she's in third grade, using her creative thinking to find solutions to all kinds of problems. Her ideas often lead to unexpected adventures for her family and friends. But as any good artist knows, messiness is often part of the process.

One Blue Gnu

When a box of cell phones is accidentally delivered to the zoo, one blue gnu quickly calls two white sheep, who plan a party - beep beep beep! This illustrated picture book will keep young readers giggling and guessing to the end. ONE BLUE GNU is a fun and colourful romp at the zoo, where we count from one to ten and down again in one huge party!

Owl's Outstanding Donuts

When an owl alerts Mattie Waters to suspicious activity near her aunt's Big Sur donut shop, Mattie must rally her friends, face her fears, and try to save her new home.


Fred the Giant's off fishing today. But look! His GIANT PANTS are caught on the end of his hook! Follow Fred as he drags his giant pants all around town, scooping up a cat, the baker and all his cakes, a fire engine . . . you'd be amazed how much fits in those megapants. What pantemonium!

Parliament of Owls, A

From a mischief of mice and a shiver of sharks to a caravan of camels and a rhumba of rattlesnakes, animals from around the globe gather a group and sashay, swim, slither, or sail through this party of animal plurals. The only question is ""What to call this animal arcade? This critter convention? This zigzag zoo? This purring and preening parade?"" A delightful and colourful romp through the perfection of animal plurals from the author of Memoirs of a Goldfish!


Dot isn’t like the other dogs: she doesn’t like going out for walks, and she doesn’t like going to the park. Herthing is staying at home with hertoy and best friend, Peep. But when Peep goes missing under the garden fence, Dot might have to venture out into the world . . .

Phantom Finders (Spellbound)

Abby and Theo have the coolest family. Rather than gather at barbeques or plan beach vacations, the Winstons investigate the spooky stories and unsolved mysteries of their town, Murky Creek. Grandpa Winston started the tradition, and now he’s passing it on to Abby and Theo! When odd goings-on and suspicious happenings plague the citizens of Murky Creek, it’s up to the two kids to dig up clues and crack the case before things get any creepier.

Pirates Don't Dance

Jack longs to be a pirate. He loves everything about the job, from the peacefulness of the ocean to the opportunity to make new friends to the excitement of exotic travel. Jack also loves to dance, from the graceful glide of the glissade to the energetic leap of the grand jeté to the controlled kick of the grand battement. In fact, Jack often dances as he does his pirate apprentice chores. Unfortunately, Captain Squinty Eye's number one pirate-ship rule is PIRATES DON'T DANCE. Dancing is too sil

Planet Like Ours, A

Our planet Earth is as individual and special as each one of us. It's ability to sustain and nurture life is unique in our solar system--and beyond. In this book, celebrate all the wonderful, miraculous, astounding qualities of our Earth while learning how to protect her for future generations. Afterall, ""If not us, then who?"" From award-winning author Frank Murphy and Here Wee Read blogger, Charnaie Gordon.

Powwow Mystery

Indigenous twins Jaime and Marie Longbow love solving mysteries, and that is exactly what they get to do travelling around from powwow to powwow.