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Picture Books and Fiction (148 series)

Mr. Bat Wants a Hat

Mr. Bat is missing something. Something important. A HAT! He wants a HAT! Before long, he finds the perfect hat. It has pretty pink roses and lots of GLITTER. But this hat belongs to someone else . . . Which doesn't bother him AT ALL, actually. Or does it? This is a hilarious and heart-warming story which encourages children to learn to think about others, empathy, and doing the right thing. The brightly coloured illustrations combine with lively text to create a vibrant and though-provoking bed

Mr. Darcy

Mr. Darcy is a rather reserved and gentle duck, with all the qualities of an English aristocrat.He likes to tip his hat and say ""Good Morning"" and he would never want to bother anybody. He lives alone on the edge of Pemberley Park and keeps himself to himself. Unfortunately, his life is a little lonely. One day, he receives an invitation from Lizzie and her sisters for tea but declines. He would never go to the ordinary park where they live. Over the next few days, certain events change Mr. Da

Mr. Green Grows a Garden

In the middle of the big city, there was a tired, ugly place that made Mr. Green feel very sad."" So begins this uplifting and charming story of the magic that can happen when young people, older people, and plants come together. Mr. Green and his friend Mo turn an abandoned, forlorn space into a garden for their community in this inspirational story. The story explores the importance of planting trees and creating places for wildlife, rebuilding ecosystems, embracing intergenerational friendshi

Mr. Thatcher's House

Mr. Thatcher has been working to build the perfect house. And working. And working . . . and so, quite by accident, the house grows and grows in size. But it never seems quite like home. When a crowd of characters from his storybook neighbourhood show up looking for a place to stay, Mr. Thatcher cries ""It's not perfect yet! You don't want to stay here!"" But soon he finds that what makes a house a perfect home has nothing to do with the craftsmanship and everything to do with the friends and fa

Mushroom Rain

What can smell like bubble gum, glow neon green at night, be poisonous and yet still eaten by humans, and even help create rain? The answer is mushrooms! From their hidden networks underground to the fruiting body above, mushrooms can do incredible things. But don't call them plants--mushrooms are fungi. They're more closely related to animals like you! Through lyrical text and colourful, detailed artwork, the wonderful, mysterious, and sometimes bizarre world of mushrooms is explored. Back matt

My Dragon Boat Festival

Every year a boy and his parents travel back to their hometown to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival. It’s a wondrous time for the boy, as he learns Chinese traditions from his grandparents. He always leaves with only one wish-to return next year.

My Hand's Tell a Story

A little girl, baking bread with her grandmother, becomes transported by the tales her grandmother’s hands tell-those that spring from the rose-painted nails, a flower-banded wedding ring, and the way her fingers move and glide. These hands have many tales to tell. But only if you listen.

My Magnificent Jelly Bean Tree

Some people say jelly beans don't grow on trees. Not this little boy . . . he believes in magic. The kind of magic that takes him to the top of the jelly bean tree to watch a river of clouds in the sky or slide down the tree, dizzily whizzing, on a helter-skelter slide. He watches his jelly bean tree grow. He fantastically feasts on jelly beans and triumphantly crowns himself the jelly bean king! A magical tale that will delight all ages with whimsical illustrations bursting with colour.

Nadia & Nadir (Calico Kid)

Nadia and Nadir are a pair of young Muslim-American siblings living in Houston, Texas, with their mom and dad. Like all kids, they enjoy staying busy. Nadia and Nadir are quick to make learning fun in their day-to-day lives. And with grandparents coming to visit and trips to Pakistan in their schedules, the kids enjoy exploring their family's culture and traditions.

Oh, Sir Bragalot!

I climbed a rainbow!"" ""I caught a star!"" ""I flew to the moon!"" Once upon a time there was a knight called Sir Bragalot who liked nothing more than to brag and boast all day long . . .He told all his fellow knights that he was better than them . . . stronger than them . . . faster than them until they became bored and fed up. One day, Sir Bragalot is put to the test. A dragon comes near the kingdom and the Queen appoints Sir Bragalot to defeat the dragon. How does Sir Bragalot feel about thi