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Picture Books and Fiction (125 series)

Girl Like Me, A

Empower young readers to embrace their individuality, reject societal limitations, and follow their dreams. This inspiring picture book brings together a poem by acclaimed author Angela Johnson and Nina Crews's distinctive photocollage illustrations to celebrate girls of colour.

Girl Like You, A

Every girl is a wonder! A Girl Like You encourages girls to embrace what makes them unique, to choose kindness, and to be their own advocates. In an age when girls can be whatever they want, this books reminds them of all the ways to be beautiful, brilliant, and uniquely themselves.

Glorious Wrestling Alliance: Ultimate Championship Edition

Step into the ring at Glorious Wrestling Alliance, the universe's least-professional wrestling company. Collected in colossal full color for the first time, this hilarious love letter to pro wrestling covers identity, anxiety, and leg drops.

H is for Honey Bee: A Beekeeping Alphabet

Though small in size at approximately 5/8 of an inch (15 mm), Apis mellifera, otherwise known as the honey bee, is one of the most important insects on the planet. Due to their status as super pollinators, it is estimated that a third of the food we eat each day can be attributed to bee activity. And the delicious honey that our winged friends produce makes its way into numerous food, health, and beauty products. This is one busy bee! But the health and welfare of honey bees are in dire need of

Hair Story

With rhythmic, rhyming verse, this picture book follows a Boriqua (Puerto Rican) girl and a Black girl from birth through early childhood, culminating in a play date in which they celebrate their natural hair.

Headstrong Hallie!: The story of Hallie Morse Daggett,the First Female ""Fire Guard

Hallie Morse Daggett loved spending time outdoors, hiking among the tall trees of the forests in California's Siskiyou Mountains. She wasn't afraid of the bears, coyotes, and wildcats. But Hallie was afraid of fire and understood the threat it posed to the forests, wildlife, and people. And more than anything, she wanted to devote her life to protecting her beloved outdoors; she decided she would work for the US Forest Service. But in the 1880s the Forest Service didn't hire women, thinking they

Health Smarts (Early Bird Stories™)

What are your healthy habits? Young readers will meet diverse characters and learn about a variety of ways to stay healthy. These appealing stories feature critical-thinking and comprehension questions to encourage reader engagement.

Helper Hounds

Meet these uncommon heroes with wet noses and big hearts. Each book focuses on a different emotional support dog and how the dog helps kids process and overcome emotional challenges.

Helpful Habits (Pull Ahead Readers People Smarts-Fiction)

Follow along as Jordan plans ahead, Paco sets a goal, Lola and Lupe work together, and more as the children in each book model good habits and social-emotional skills. These fiction stories pair with nonfiction counterparts to build literacy skills for emergent readers.

How to be a Virus Warrior

Danny Dino is not feeling well. What can he do to protect himself and others from getting sick? Dr. Pterosaur tells Danny Dino and his friends how to prevent the spread of germs and viruses.