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Non-Fiction (246 series)

Deadly History

History is deadly! From brutal battles and scary sacrifices through evil empires and bloodthirsty games, readers will love digging up the past and discovering its frightening facts in this fascinating exploration of ancient civilizations. Primary sources, colourful designs, and engaging text bring to life the chilling practices of ancient people in gripping detail.

Dirt Bike Zone (Lightning Bolt Books®)

Zoom into the world of dirt bike racing! Readers will speed through this series as they learn about everything about this exciting sport including rules, bikes, popular events, and famous racers. Engage literacy and engagement beyond the text with fun back matter and diagrams.

Do I Have to...?

Do I have to be neat? And kind? And polite? Yes! Presented in a kid-favorite graphic novel format, these short tales model the best behavior for any scenario, serving as the perfect answer for any child asking, "Do I have to?" Little ones will love following the adventures of fun animal friends, and parents will love watching as their good kids become good citizens.

Dogs at Work

From tracking scents to pulling sleds, people train dogs to do all kinds of work. This series pairs short paragraphs of easy-to-read text with colourful photos to help readers explore these jobs and the training they require.

Earth Detectives

How do animals survive in their habitats? How do mountains form? What causes volcanoes and earthquakes? Our planet is full of amazing things to explore and question. Get out your magnifying glass and notebook. It’s time to search for the facts and become Earth Detectives.

Earth Science-Geology: Need to Know (SilverTip Books)

Dig into geology with this high-interest low-reading level series. An engaging exploration of rocks, minerals, and fossils will keep struggling readers interested. Covering such curricular topics as how rocks are formed, where they can be found, and how we use them. Featuring infographics and SilverTips for Success, readers will review key concepts from the books to reinforce comprehension followed by test-taking tips.

Earth's Insects Need You: Understand the Problems, How You Can Help, Take Action

Earth's insects are in trouble. That's one half of this book's simple but incredibly important message. The book's other, more hopeful, ""call to action"" is that everyone can do something to help protect bees, beetles, and thousands of other insects.Without insects, many animals, including birds, amphibians, fish, and reptiles could not survive. Humans would struggle to grow enough food and decomposers would not be at work recycling dead plants and other waste materials.Learn how loss of ha

Eco Action

Earth is under threat-from humans! It’s time to take action-eco action. This empowering series shows readers how they can take positive action to protect our planet and protect our future. Each call-to-action book explains the effect negative human actions have on our planet, which are contrasted with positive actions organizations are taking to reverse and reduce the damage we have caused. Children will feel encouraged by guidance that explains how they too can take eco action to help protect o

Econo-Graphics Jr. (21st Century Junior Library)

In the Econo-Graphics Jr. series, young readers will examine economy-related issues from many angles, all portrayed through visual elements. Income, budgeting, investing, supply and demand, global markets, inflation, and more are covered. Each book highlights pandemic-era impacts as well. Created with developing readers in mind, charts, graphs, maps, and infographics provide key content in an engaging and accessible way.

Edge of Medicine

Explore the spirit of innovation behind the greatest breakthroughs in medicine, including achievements from Mayo Clinic and beyond. From the discovery of the COVID vaccine to groundbreaking transplants, scientific inquiry comes alive in this celebration of medicine. Photos highlight the diverse researchers, physicians, and others who make medical breakthroughs possible, while a Scientist Spotlight feature celebrates the Mayo Clinic figures behind some of the most impactful medical advancements i