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Non-Fiction (246 series)

Country Profiles

Adventure abroad! This series takes young explorers on a world tour. Readers will stop at famous landmarks, meet new people groups, and experience unique customs and holidays. To further celebrate cultural diversity, these books teach how to speak foreign words, cook staple foods, and play traditional games.

Crafts in a Snap! (Create! Books)

Get ready to craft on the clock! Groovy projects made from easily-sourced and upcycled materials provide fast fun in this hands-on creating adventure. Easy-to-follow instructions paired with step-by-step photos are perfect for any makerspace or creative kid on a time crunch. Fits perfectly in a class time block or a busy kid at home. It’s far out fun!

Creative Board Books

In this illustrated board book based on the beloved children's game, readers and listeners alike are prompted to locate the adjectives based on contextual clues.

Creative Sports: A History of Hoops

Readers witness the buzzer-beating action of their favorite NBA teams in these photo-driven narratives. Thrilling text and photos capture on-court basketball action through the years, highlighting superstars, championships, and legendary moments that middle grade fans will want to remember. Side bars focus on unforgettable moments or players in each team’s history.

Creative Sports: Veterans (MLB)

The Curse of the Bambino. The Splendid Splinter. The Big Unit. The Miracle Mets. Throughout the history of Major League Baseball, legends loom large. Hit a home run with young fans and students of the game with this revitalized MLB set of Creative Sports for “veteran” readers of an older-elementary audience. No matter which team they root for, each volume narrates the history of the club, underscoring significant players, team accomplishments, and noteworthy seasons or games. Colourful, photo-la

Cryptid Guides: Creatures of Folklore (Crabtree Branches)  

In folklore, there are many different types of made-up creatures, such as vampires, as well as what are known as cryptidsÑanimals which may or may not existÑsuch as sea monsters. This highly entertaining series takes a serious look at the possibilities of existence for a number of legendary creatures. Special sections look at their origin stories, where in the world they are thought to exist, a timeline of their history and recorded sightings, and their place in literature and popular culture. D

Curious about Cool Rides

How is a top fuel dragster like a rocket? How do you soup up a hot rod? Build on kids’ natural curiosity about the high-interest topic of vehicles with a fun question-and-answer format that reinforces inquiry skills. A Stay Curious! Learn More feature models research skills while simple infographics support visual literacy.

Curious Creatures (Bolt)

From wide-eyed aye-ayes to massive elephant seals, the world is full of curious creatures with strange adaptations. Explore their unique features and exceptional lives through colourful spreads bursting with infographics, vibrant photography, and carefully levelled text that introduces reluctant and beginning readers to the animals’ life cycles, diets, habitats, and threats to survival.

Cuthbert Grant

Son of a Scottish trader and an Indigenous mother, Cuthbert Grant became a leader of the Métis-a distinct group of mixed European and Indigenous people who developed communities along fur trading routes in the 1800s. He saw his people through conflict and change and helped transition them to a new way of life in what is now Canada and the United States.