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Non-Fiction (217 series)

Egyptian Mythology (Kids Core)

Egyptian mythology is full of fascinating characters and stories, from gods and goddesses to ancient Egyptians who worshipped them. Each mythological story is tied to ancient Egyptian culture and religion. Egyptian Mythology provides readers with an exciting lens through which they can learn about and enjoy history.

Energy Evolutions

The energy industry is evolving-and fast. Find out why fossil fuels are being fast-tracked into history and how cleaner, greener, and science-smart energy is helping us build a sustainable future. This exciting and informative science series explores the harm fossil fuels have caused our planet and explains why it is so important that we replace them with sustainable energy. Discover the very latest, cutting-edge science and technology that is allowing the energy industry to undergo a green revo

Energy for the Future (Navigator)

With greenhouse gas emissions warming Earth and climate change increasing natural disasters, people and governments must reduce their dependence on nonrenewable fossil fuels and move to clean, renewable energy sources. This series provides a comprehensive overview of six energy technologies that will protect and power Earth's future.

Enviro-Graphics Jr. (21st Century Junior Library)

Humans have a complex relationship with planet Earth. Life depends on the planet's natural resources. Yet human activity has led to many environmental issues. Industry pollutes land, air, and water. Agriculture uses up clean water. In the Enviro-Graphics Jr. series, young readers examine these and other environmental issues from many angles, all portrayed through visual elements. Books encourage and inspire budding environmentalists to protect and preserve the planet.

Escape: One Day We Had to Run

Throughout history, ordinary people have been forced to leave their families and homes because of war, famine, slavery, intolerance, economic and political upheaval, or climate change. These remarkable true stories of escape show how courageous people all around the world have overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles in their flight to freedom.

Esports (Fly!)

Log in and learn about the exciting world of esports with these thrilling and informative books. Readers will learn about the history, league highlights, and top teams for games like Fortnite, Rocket League, and NBA 2K! With easy text and breathtaking photos, these hi-lo books will make any kid game to read more!

Essential Jobs (Pioneer)

From food and water to medicine and electricity, communities rely on many resources to keep people healthy and safe. In this eye-opening series, young readers discover some of the workers who help provide these important resources.

Explorers of Canada (Expedition)  

Follow in the footsteps of some of Canada's greatest explorers in this high-interest series. Each title chronicles the timeline of an explorer, explains the motivation behind their journey, and examines their relationship with Indigenous Peoples. A combination of modern and historic maps and colourful images highlight the places visited and discovered by these adventurers.

Exploring Biomes (Pogo Books)

Where can you find Earth’s different biomes? Which biomes are the coldest, wettest, and warmest? Learn about the climate, geology, geography, wildlife, and resources of each biome in this high-interest STEM series. Each book highlights a specific biome, highlighting its vital role on Earth and the importance of protecting and preserving it.

Eye-mazing Illusions (Create! Books)

Prepare to be amazed! Optical illusions are tricks that our eyes and brain play on us to make us see things differently. Explore the science behind what makes them work using color, light, and patterns. Featuring fun illusions, these books are totally mind-boggling!