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Non-Fiction (246 series)

Brainpower (Blue Owl Books)

What happens in your brain when you feel strong emotions like happiness, sadness, anger, and fear? Combining social and emotional learning (SEL) and STEM concepts covering psychology and neurology, Brainpower explores what happens in the brain and body when we feel certain emotions and how readers can manage emotions more effectively.

Breakthrough: Katalin Karikó and the mRNA Vaccine

Long before the COVID-19 pandemic, scientist Katalin Karik- was one of the few people who believed in the potential of mRNA to help cells fight off disease. Breakthrough chronicles Karik-'s relentless pursuit of knowledge and dedication to helping people, depicting her as an inspirational figure for readers interested in science. The book contextualizes Karik-'s work within her upbringing in Hungary, the discrimination she faced as an immigrant and woman scientist, and the COVID-19 pandemic. Acc

Building Big

People have been constructing different types of buildings for thousands of years. Each structure was built using architecture--an amazing combination of science and art. This series explores different styles of architecture and takes an up-close look at some remarkable buildings and the architects who designed and built them.

Canada at War (Expedition)  

Canada has participated in battles that have shaped our nation and the world. Explore the history of these battles and learn about ways in which Canada has made a difference in times of conflict. This series honours Canadians who have answered the call in times of need to defend our country.

Canada's Canada's Changing Climate: Problems and Solutions (Expedition)  

Canada is a big country with a diverse climate. This series investigates the impact of climate change on our people, place and lifestyle. Explore how you can help and adapt to climate change in Canada.

Canada's Pandemic Heroes (Butter Tarts)  

Across Canada people responded to the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn about the important role Canadian workers had in fighting COVID-19. Discover how the research and services they provided kept Canadians safe from coast to coast to coast.

Canadian Celebrations (Butter Tarts)  

Canadians have many reasons to celebrate, and they enjoy gathering throughout the year to observe many uniquely Canadian holidays. Canadian Celebrations provides readers a closer look at the history of these events, the reasons for each holiday, and the ways in which Canadians gather to celebrate them.

Career Clues for Kids (21st Century Skills Library)

What do you want to be when you grow up? Answering this question can be tricky for young readers. There are so many choices, where does one begin? Let's start with a few questions. What's your favorite thing to do? Do you have a favorite hobby? This series helps readers discover how their interests can lead to a lifelong future career.

Cities Through Time (Blastoff! Missions)

This fun series takes readers on a journey through different eras in the history of some of the worldÎs biggest cities. Narrative text shares historical facts while colorful illustrations show off buildings and people from the time period. Thought-provoking questions, bonus facts, and a timeline add even more to make this series a real trip!

Climate Warriors: Fourteen Scientists

When you imagine a climate scientist, you might think of a biologist or a chemist. But psychologists study the climate too! Meet fourteen different scientists who are working to solve the climate crisis and the surprising ways they are doing it. Along with explanations of different areas of science and the many ways scientists are working to save the climate, readers will find tips for how they too can work for change. Climate Warriors informs young readers and gives them the tools they need to