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Non-Fiction (246 series)

Animal Extremes

Earth is home to all kinds of astonishing creatures. This series uses short paragraphs of easy-to-read text and colourful photos to showcase some of the animal kingdom's weirdest looks, wildest behaviours, and most impressive adaptations.

Animal Friends

Discover which animals are the best of friends and all about the fun they have together! Find out fascinating facts about each animal and the characteristics which make them so super cute.

Animal Masterminds (Bear Claw Books)

Animals may be smarter than you think! Follow the true story of animal masterminds showing their supersmarts. Bright graphic illustrations paired with nonfiction content bring vibrancy to these true stories, while more information on the animals and stories of fellow smart creatures brings the learning full circle.

Animal Migrations

Many types of animals travel long distances during their lives, often for food or breeding. This informative series highlights eight kinds of migration, exploring the great journeys of our natural world.

Animal Showdowns

Claws clash. Teeth bite. It's Battle of the Beasts! Hang onto your seats as the fiercest animals go head to head. Only the fastest, strongest, smartest animals will survive. Who will come out on top?

Animals at Risk (Blastoff! Readers: Level 2)

Many of Earth's animals are in danger of going extinct. But there are things that can be done to help them. In this series, readers will learn about the threats facing these animals as well as ways that they can be saved. Levelled text and crisp photos bring these animals and the threats they face to the forefront. Special features show the status of the animals, their importance to the environment, and the impact that humans are having on them.

Baby Animals in the Wild! (Bullfrog Books)

Baby animals are born to be wild! See how wild baby animals learn from their mothers to find food, keep clean, live in groups, and survive in their natural habitats in Baby Animals in the Wild!.

Backyard Birds (Blastoff! Readers: Level 1)

Chirp! Tweet! Backyard birds have busy lives. In this beginning series, simple text and vibrant photos help young readers learn all about where these birds live, what they eat, and how they survive when the weather gets cold. Visual features further illustrate these birds' relatives, foods, and calls. This engaging series will inspire readers to look out for their favourite birds!

Bearport Biographies

Ever wonder what inspired your favourite role model to rise to the top? This series introduces readers to some of the most inspiring people in recent times. Young people will learn about the lives and accomplishments of amazing people who reached for the stars and never gave up on their dreams. Each book contains information on the early lives of these role models as well as the inspirations and struggles they faced on their journeys to reach their goals.

Behind the Brand (Blastoff! Discovery)

Even the world’s most popular brands had to start somewhere! This series introduces readers to the history of some of the most recognizable brands in the world. Engaging, fact-filled text combines with crisp photos to explore each brand, including important milestones, influential people, and groundbreaking products from the past and present. Special features map the brand’s origins, profile important people, highlight sales stats, call out charitable contributions, and more!