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Picture Books and Fiction (206 series)

2-in-1 Book (Sequoia Kids Media)

A combination of nonfiction and factual fiction provides readers with two ways to understand a subject. Read a factual fiction story, then flip the book over to learn fun facts about high-interest topics. Flip-the-book format is fun and interactive.

A Family Like Ours

Everyone's family is unique--and good! From sprawling extended families and close-knit units to adopted and chosen families, A Family Like Ours celebrates all those important connections we build over the years. Regardless of what yours looks like, family is a place for support, safety, growth, and inspiration. What is special, surprising, or sensational about your family?

A New Day for Umwell the Gray

Her name is Purple, and she is the only dash of colour in William's gray yard. She asks his name, and when he answers "Um, well," she dubs him Umwell the Gray, then leads him on an exploration of a world that is always new and beautiful to eyes that can see. This story is a celebration of the ever-present newness and change around and within us. Because newness is more readily discernible in nature than in human lives, the story relies on Purple's guidance through the natural world to build a br

A Song So Black, So Proud!

Written on a napkin and released just months after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the song "Say It Loud (I'm Black and I'm Proud)" became an anthem and rallying cry for the civil rights movement, as well as a celebration of Black culture and community. The song was penned in 1968 by singer James Brown in response to the rising racial tensions throughout the United States. Now, in first-person lyrical text, the iconic song speaks for itself, narrating the elements and moments t


Alika falls asleep in her mother’s arms feeling happy for once. Things have been difficult for them, but her mother promises her a big surprise the next day. In her dreams, she imagines all the wondrous possibilities such as seeing old friends, hearing her grandmother’s voice, or having enough water to drink. Could the surprise be the start of a new and easier life?

Amicus Ink Board Books: Baby Dinosaurs

Take little ones on a prehistoric adventure with baby dinosaurs! Based on facts we know from paleontology, these poetic rhyming stories imagine what Jurassic and Cretaceous life was like for the youngest dinosaurs. Delightful read-alouds for toddlers and preschoolers, these sturdy board books will stand up to countless readings.

Amicus Ink Board Books: Little Animal Friends

Follow these young animals as they venture out on their own, with mama not far behind. These board books feature rhyming narrative poems with active verbs and warm, inviting illustrations that tell a sweet story of adventure, perfect for young ones and their caregivers to read together.

Amicus Ink Board Books: Little Nature Explorers

Inspire little ones to explore and appreciate nature with these cozy board books. Short expressive lines with repeated words and warm, friendly illustrations make these perfect for sharing with babies and toddlers at storytime or bedtime.

Another Band's Treasure: A Story of Recycled Instruments

In Asunci-n, Paraguay, Diego dreams of giving music lessons to local children. The only problem: there aren't enough instruments to go around. But when he and Nicolas, a carpenter, look to a nearby landfill, they see instruments in the making. Soon, they're building what they need to give kids in town a new way to express themselvesÑand even find recognition they never expected. A lightly fictionalized tale inspired by La Orquesta de Instrumentos Reciclados de Cateura.

Armando's Island

Armando's home is the rainforest--he knows its sights, smells, tastes, and sounds. He even knows its moods. From the bottom of the forest floor to the top of the emergent layer, the trees are also home to a multitude of creatures. When outsiders begin laying claim to and destroying the surrounding landscape, the displaced animals find refuge with Armando in the only remaining pocket of untouched forest, his "island." As people come in and animals are forced out, this poignant tale shows the cumu