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Graphic Novels (91 series)

Danger Below! (Bear Claw Books)

This graphic narrative nonfiction series about underwater attacks will make you think twice before getting into the water. Fascinating information and amazing graphic illustrations will keep readers engaged as they learn about the natural habitats, physical characteristics, diets, and behaviour of these extremely dangerous-and sometimes deadly-creatures.

Dead Max Comix

Middle school can be a survival of "fitting-in," at best. In Dead Max Comix, Derrick discovers that his secrets aren't really unusual. This series offers a light-hearted touch at accepting yourself and finding your own "pack.

Declassified: The ET Files (Torch Graphic Press)

The truth is out there, and the Star Gazers is looking for it! Follow friends Erin, Mateo, and Noel as they follow clues that lead them through Area 51, deep under the sea, and even into outer space. On the way, they meet some out-of-this-world aliens and learn that Earth holds more than meets the eye. This graphic novel series includes STEM-focused sidebars and callouts, activity, character profiles, and original illustrations.

Ever After

Stranded between safe zones, two young women, Vivi and Eva, trek across the zombie-infested German countryside. Together they'll face their inner demons and dodge hordes of the undead.

Felix and Calcite

Artur Laperla, creator of the hit Super Potato series, presents a new set of laugh-out-loud adventures perfect for first-time readers of graphic novels. When Felix discovers a tunnel in his toy chest, he finds a land of trolls and a new best friend: Calcite! Felix learns that trolls are named after their favourite rocks, love munching on their favourite snacks (also rocks), and have really runny noses. Together, Felix and Calcite will encounter confused gnomes, cranky giants, talking frogs, and

Fossils Uncovered! (Bear Claw Books)

In this graphic narrative nonfiction series, readers follow paleontologists and fossil hunters as they discover ancient dinosaurs and other fossils. Each book explores dinosaur fossil sites around the world. Perfect for reluctant readers, budding scientists, and dinosaur enthusiasts. Backmatter information includes more about other prehistoric animals and the job of paleontologists.

Game for Adventure

Aimed at developing readers, these wordless graphic novels feature lovable characters and fun fantasy takes on classic children’s games. The books feature a diverse range of lead characters, humorous story lines, positive messages, and crisp, colourful artwork. This series makes for a great introduction to graphic novels and serves as an excellent visual literacy tool.

Get In the Game (Graphic Planet)

Katie, Lucy, Isabella, Keith, Artie and Tony are best friends at Peabody Middle School. Join them as they learn about life through playing the sports they love! Titles include discussion prompts and a quiz and fun facts for each title's sport.

Glorious Wrestling Alliance: Ultimate Championship Edition

Step into the ring at Glorious Wrestling Alliance, the universe's least-professional wrestling company. Collected in colossal full color for the first time, this hilarious love letter to pro wrestling covers identity, anxiety, and leg drops.

Golden Boys: The Winnipeg Falcons of 1920  

In 1920, hockey teams across Canada played for the privilege to represent their country at the Olympics. In the end, one team remained standing—the Winnipeg Falcons, a small group of unknown superstars. Comprised of players of Icelandic descent, the Falcons experienced considerable prejudice from the other Canadian hockey teams, yet easily defeated them before going on to compete in the Olympics. Overseas, their incredible talents were finally recognized when the Falcons made Canada the first co