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Graphic Novels (91 series)

The STEM Files(Torch Graphic Press)

The STEM Files graphic novel series focuses on the hilarious, top secret stories of ambitious, but inept, would-be evil villains. These blundering cast of characters try their hardest to take over the world and unleash their evil plan only to fail miserably due to their lack of STEM understanding. It's hard to take over the world using science, technology, engineering, or math if you don't know the basics! Each book in the series focuses on a key STEM concept. Includes educational callouts, side

The Stone Man Mysteries

In Scotland of the 1930s, a demon bound in the form of a gargoyle solves murders as a way of seeking redemption. Bound to a church ledge, he gathers a motley group of rogue priests and runaways to do his footwork. As the crimes begin pointing toward a larger, equally supernatural threat, the gargoyle and his assistants prepare to fight for humanity.

The Whiskers Sisters

Enjoy lively, colourful, fairy-tale-style fun with the Whiskers Sisters! Maya has antlers. Mia's a cat. And May can't quite talk yet. But they're all family! They live in the woods with their grandfather, the Guardian of the Forest—and they get into all kinds of adventures with the chatty animals that live nearby.

The Wolf in Underpants

In the Wolf in Underpants books, a wolf's fearsome reputation has other forest animals running scared . . . until the wolf shows up wearing a comfy striped pair of underpants. These hilarious graphic novels are fables for the modern age, showing early readers how to look past rumours and appreciate the differences among us.

Time for Change

As the futuristic story begins, a teacher is tasked with educating his students about the past, and the fight for equality that led them to their present. Each book is an inspiring journey that sheds light on America’s ongoing struggle toward true equality. Titles focus on four types of racism: individual racism, interpersonal racism, institutional racism, and structural racism, using historical and modern events as examples. Readers will be immersed in dynamic graphic novels that will bring the

Timothy Dinoman

Introducing Timothy Dinoman: a super spy, iguanodon, and good friend with good manners. When master criminals threaten the planet, Timothy jet-packs to the rescue. With elite combat skills, a positive outlook, and help from his tech-expert pal Jen, he is Earth's best defense against its worst, rudest bad guys. In this middle-grade graphic novel series, cartoonist Steve Thueson presents blockbusters in book form, complete with over-the-top action and sweet, irreverent humour.


When Jo, a headstrong maintenance technician, makes a mistake that destabilizes her planet's core, she knows only one way to fix things: leaving her underground home for a trip to the planet's dangerous, unruly surface.

True Survival Stories (Black Sheep)

Would you survive a shark attack? How far would you go to survive a plane crash? In this thrilling graphic nonfiction series, readers meet true survivors of these deadly situations. They'll learn what it took to battle the elements, outlast enemies, and make it to safety. Detailed illustrations and engaging dialogue relate each journey, and actual quotes help survivors tell the story in their own words. Maps, timelines, and additional facts highlight even more details of these amazing stories of

Uncharted: Stories of Survival (Bear Claw Books)

Action-packed, graphic depictions of disaster survival stories will keep readers turning the pages of these engaging books! Firsthand accounts of some of the world’s most destructive disasters through the eyes of the people who survived them will keep students coming back for more.


Olive is spending the summer before art school at a coveted internship, helping one of the fashion industry's elite digital-imaging specialists. After a glamorous New York photoshoot, she learns that taking pictures is only the first step. She discovers the ""violent verbs"" (cut, crop, slice, lasso) of image retouching software and the secrets behind ""virtual models.