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Graphic Novels (91 series)

Suffrage: Canadian Women and the Vote  

Prior to women getting the vote, this is the way things used to be: In Canada, people believed only those with property should have the right to vote. If a couple co-owned a property they shared one vote. The man retained the right to cast that vote. Wages earned by women still went to their husbands. Women then started to fight for social reform. Suffragists rose up. They wanted to vote. They wanted to create change. Read about the epic struggles, years of hard work, perseverance, and the preju

Super Potato

A hilarious, irreverent graphic novel series for fans of Captain Underpants and The Lego Batman Movie. Spanish cartoonist Artur Laperla presents the adventures of a costumed crime-fighter who turns into a potato and becomes a bigger hero than ever. He faces off against sinister scientists, slugs from space, giant chickens, and more in a series of graphic novels perfect for reluctant readers.

Survive! (Graphic Planet)

Lost in the woods. Trapped in an abandoned mine. Castaway on a deserted island. Avalanche! Could you survive? In this series, readers come along as diverse characters learn important skills in adverse conditions . . . and survive!

The Inkberg Enigma

A graphic novel mystery adventure in which two children uncover the secret that has corrupted a town.

The Invisible War: A World War I Tale on Two Scales

One Nurse. Trillions of microbes. A deadly WWI battle. In France of 1916, a battlefield nurse encounters a strain of lethal bacteria while treating a patient with dysentery. This army of bacteria invades deep into her gut, rallying the resident microbes to fight for their lives-and hers! Enter the phage, deadly microscopic predators, ready to wage war and protect their host. This graphic novel examines what happens when bacteria attacks the body and how the body's defenses respond, drawing upon

The Life and Times of Sir Wilfrid Laurier

“I am branded in Québec as a traitor to the French, and in Ontario as a traitor to the English. In Québec, I am branded as a jingo, and in Ontario as a separatist. In Québec, I am attacked as an Imperialist, and in Ontario as an anti-Imperialist. I am neither. I am a Canadian.” The words of Sir Wilfrid Laurier, Canada’s first francophone Prime Minister, still resonate today. Faced with the monumental task of rebuilding a young nation at a time of great divide, Wilfrid encountered many challenges

The Nightmares of Nightmute (Torch Graphic Press)

Nightmute Academy offers a unique summer learning experience. As new students Suni, Gale, and Shi-woo will discover, there's more than reading, writing, and arithmetic taking place on campus. In this school's lockers, you're just as likely to find a ghost as you are a textbook! This graphic novel series includes educational sidebars that explore the history and science (and pseudoscience) behind some of the world's spookiest encounters.

The Robot Makers

Learn about the history of robotics, the building blocks of a robot, the basics of coding, and more in these humorous, high-energy graphic novels. When soccer fanatic La Ion transfers to a new school, he only wants to find his next teammates. But a sign for a soccer club leads him to a robot soccer crew, with human students behind the controls. The mix-up draws La Ion into a rivalry with a club of battle-robot makers and a series of intense competitions. La Ion might join kicking and screaming,

The Secret Society of Monster Hunters (Torch Graphic Press)

Zombies and dragons and krakens, oh my! Join Elena, her big brother Jorge, and their friends Marcus, Fiona, and Amy as they travel through time, from the 20s to the 90s, hunting for mythical monsters and keeping them safe from the eyes of history! This graphic novel series includes monster profiles and survival tips as well as in-depth content on the social and political climate, entertainment, fashion, and popular idioms of that decade. Backmatter includes an activity page.

The Spy Who Raised Me

Some parents want their children to turn out just like them. Only a few secretly turn their kids into elite special operatives. Josie Black can infiltrate any building, speak a dozen languages, and fight like a martial arts master. But no one told her that. After J.B. detects gaps in her memory, her mom reveals the truth: she works for a covert agency, and she's given J.B. the skills of a super spy. After J.B. freaks out, runs off, and tries to escape the weird world of espionage, she'll have to