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Then to Now Tech (21st Century Junior Library)

Tech is constantly progressing and changing. But have you ever stopped and wondered how it all started? In this series, discover how early innovations evolved into the technology we have today. Engaging inquiry-based sidebars encourage young readers to think, create, guess, and ask questions about this technology.

Thinking Critically

The Thinking Critically series introduces students to the complex issues that dominate public discourse and challenges them to become discerning readers, to think independently, and to engage and develop their skills as critical thinkers. Chapters are organized in a pro/con format, in which a single author synthesizes the predominant arguments for and against an issue into clear, accessible discussions supported by details and evidence including relevant facts, direct quotes and current examples.

Through the Elephant's Door  

A young child takes his elephant on a trip to the museum, where they are closely followed by a suspicious guard.

Tinfoil Crowns

Seventeen-year-old internet video star Fit will do anything to become famous, sharing everything about herself with her fans. But there's one thing her fans don't know: when Fit was three-years-old, her mother tried to kill her.

Tiny Brown Monkey on the Big Blue Earth, A

Starting with a tiny brown monkey in the middle of a jungle, this unique geography perspective shows ever-widening views from mountain to village to city, to country, continent, ocean, and planet.

Tip and Tucker (I Am A Reader!)

Meet Tip and Tucker! These hamsters are best friends and like to stick together. But while little Tip is sometimes nervous about new situations, Tucker likes to explore and see new things.

Tout petit toi  

Cet album cartonné poétique destiné aux bébés et aux bambins célèbre tous les enfants et la joie que les bébés apportent dans le monde. Album cartonné destiné aux bébés et aux bambins qui rend hommage, avec tendresse, à l'enfant à l?intérieur de chacun. Grâce à ses illustrations contemporaines adorables, Tout petit toi est un ouvrage parfait pour être regardé, lu à voix haute ou même chanté à tous les petits qui vous entourent à ou qui partageront votre vie bientôt!

Tout sur les animaux  

Pourquoi les chiens remuent-ils la queue? Les oiseaux peuvent-ils parler? Adorablement mignons, les animaux de compagnie sont une source constante de divertissement et de plaisir. Engagez la curiosité naturelle des enfants à propos du comportement des animaux de compagnie, du langage corporel et même de la formation dans un format de questions-réponses amusant qui renforce les compétences de recherche. Un séjour curieux! des modèles de fonction permettent de rechercher des compétences tandis que des infographies simples soutiennent la littératie visuelle.

Trail of Crumbs  

In this young adult novel, Greta and her twin brother are abandoned by their father and stepmother, and Greta struggles with the confusion and shame she feels after being raped.

Travel America's Landmarks (Beacon)

Travel America's Landmarks examines the history and importance of a variety of American landmarks. Filled with engaging and fun facts about the landmarks as well as details about the visitor experience, this series will intrigue and appeal to armchair travelers.