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Mighty Steam Engine, The

Using the rhyming poetic structure of This is the House that Jack Built, author Yvonne Ng takes young readers on a cumulative path through the inner workings of a steam engine, from the big wheels rolling on the tracks all the way to the engineer driving the train.

Military Machines (Lightning Bolt Books™)

How do airplanes land on a ship? How fast can fighter jets fly? Readers will love learning about popular military machines. Lively and informative text describes the vehicles' parts, history, and the machines in action.

Mindful Me (Blue Owl Books)

Social and emotional learning (SEL) helps children manage emotions, establish positive habits in communication, create and achieve goals, and make good decisions. Each title in Mindful Me introduces readers to the concept of mindfulness and how it can be easily incorporated into their daily lives to help them grow emotionally and make good decisions.

Mindfulness and Meditation: Handling Life with a Calm and Focused Mind

Teen life can be a pressure cooker leading to anxiety and even thoughts of suicide. Learn about the practice of mindfulness and try meditation exercises for examining emotions, managing stress, checking wellness routines, and setting intentions to increase happiness.

Minding Emotions (Blue Owl Books)

Each book in Minding Emotions highlights a different emotion, how we experience and show it, how we can identify it in others, and how we can best respond to and understand these feelings.

Mini Animals (Abdo Kids Junior)

Who can resist a mini animal? These simple and adorable titles take a look at some of the most impossibly small species in the world! Easy language paired with fun and colourful photographs make this series a must-read!

Mini Mechanic

Join the Mini Mechanics characters as they check out vehicles ranging from drilling machines and big rig trucks to excavators and ambulances. Large photos highlight key features of each vehicle. Readers will delight in these image- and fact-filled pages.

Miss Mildred Meets the Bare-naked Owl  

Miss Mildred Meets the Bare-naked Owl is the whimsical tale of a lady in distress who befriends an unfortunate owl who's survived a shocking experience. They find each other on a lovely spring day in May and, after sharing a most unusual picnic lunch, solve their problems together. Children and adults alike will delight in the humorous illustrations that depict this quirky lady, her new featherless friend, and a whole host of strange critters who reside in Miss Mildred's house.

Missing Barbegazi, The

The Missing Barbegazi is a wintery middle grade fantasy about the importance of family and the power of hope.

Mission: Code (Alternator Books™)

Dive into the fascinating world of coding languages! These titles walk new programmers through the basics of creating their own code. Hands-on learn-to-code activities accessed through an online Page Plus link add to the fun!