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Orca Teacher Resource  

A comprehensive guide for using the Orca Footprints, a nonfiction series for middle readers, in the classroom. The guide focuses on three learning clusters: Our Earth, Our Work and Our Global Community.

Origami Fun (Express!)

Fold, bend, crease! Origami Fun just might make paper engineers out of hands-on learners. This makerspace series teaches the art of paper folding. Young crafters will work to build and fly airplanes, create festive decorations for the holidays, and even bring extinct dinosaurs back to life!

Oser être soi  

Dire la vérité. Être poli. Faire sa part. Ce ne sont que quelques exemples qui montrent un bon caractère. Grâce à ces ouvrages inspirants et intéressants, les jeunes lecteurs apprennent quels sont les traits de caractère positifs et comment les mettre en pratique dans leur vie quotidienne. Les textes sont écrits dans un langage adapté à leur niveau de lecture et sont accompagnés de belles photos en couleur. Rien de mieux pour accompagner le lecteur débutant et lui faire aimer les livres documentaires!

Our Gross, Awesome World (Hi Jinx)

It's time to take fun fact and trivia books to a whole new level with awesome, disgusting, and unusual facts that kids will rush to share with their friends. Through closely levelled text, readers will find themselves laughing and learning.

Outrun the Wind

The Huntresses of Artemis must obey two rules: never disobey the goddess, and never fall in love. After being rescued from a disturbing life as a priestess for the Oracle of Delphi, Kahina is glad to be a part of the Hunt. But when Kahina encounters the legendary warrior Atalanta on a routine mission, a dangerous line is crossed and both girls learn that their actions have consequences.


How close are we to having another worldwide health crisis?Pandemic epidemiologists have identified one they believe is likely to happen in the next couple decades: the flu. Learn about factors that contribute to the spread of disease by examining past pandemics and epidemics, including the Bubonic Plague, smallpox Ebola, HIV/AIDS, and Zika. Examine case studies of potential pandemic diseases, like SARS and cholera, and find out how pathogens and antibiotics work. See how human activities such as global air travel and the disruption of animal habitats contribute to the risk of a new pandemic. And discover how scientists are striving to contain and control the spread of disease, both locally and globally.

Paper Butterflies

June's life at home with her stepmother and stepsister is a dark one—and a secret one. Not even her dad knows the truth, and she can't find the words to tell anyone else. She's trapped like a butterfly in a net. Then June meets Blister, a boy from a large, loving, chaotic family. In him, she finds a glimmer of hope that perhaps she can find a way to fly far, far away. Because she deserves her freedom. Doesn't she?


With just the right blend of text and commentary, the popular ""A Family Haggadah"" , with new full color art, is the haggadah of choice for families with young children to use at their seders. With its updated text and new full color illustrations, but same page numbers, this haggadah can easily be added to an existing set of this haggadah. Hebrew prayers and songs include English translation and transliteration.

Past and Present (Bumba Books™)

This carefully levelled text compares and contrasts everyday objects and places from the past and the present. Young readers will see handwritten letters compared to text messages, candle-lit cottages next to electricity-filled houses, and more. Age-appropriate critical thinking questions and a photo glossary help build nonfiction-learning skills and vocabulary.

Paw Prints (Bullfrog Books)

Kids love furry friends, and there are so many different kinds! Explore what makes every dog breed different with Paw Prints. Carefully levelled text and playful photographs introduce readers to their favourite dog breeds. Includes a labelled diagram and a picture glossary to reinforce new vocabulary.