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Amazing Archaeology (Dash! Level 3)

Archaeologists have uncovered everything from tiny artifacts to mummies and even cities! This series examines six well-known discoveries and covers the who, what, where, and when of each one. This series is at a Level 3 and is written specifically for transitional readers. Aligned to Common Core standards & correlated to state standards.

Amazing Architecture (Pogo Books)

Where can you find some of the most amazing structures on Earth? How do engineers and architects design and build towering skyscrapers and twisting roller coasters? In this high-interest STEM series, learn about some of the world’s most impressive structures and the engineering and technology that went into building them. Each book details the architecture of noteworthy structures, as well as the careers involved in designing and constructing them.

Amazing Inventions (Beacon)

Scientists and inventors have created all kinds of machines and technologies that help people travel, communicate, and stay healthy. This fascinating series offers young readers an up-close look at eight important inventions. Each book walks readers through the invention's history, the science behind how it works, and how the invention has changed people's lives.

Amazing Life Cycles

Meet some amazing animals-from caring crocodile mothers to meat eating plants, from the tallest parents in the woods to sea horse fathers looking after their young-with the occasional odd hairy jumping spider thrown in. A large life-cycle diagram detailing the stages of life helps introduce readers to each group of animals and plants. Curious readers will even learn more about some of the world's most unusual plants and strangest animals. Each book features superb, big-and-bold photographs to support and illustrate the text.

Amazing Maya (Crabtree Leaves)  

Nine-year-old Maya Bridgebottom doesn't like to be bored. She can't resist an interesting opportunity and always enlists her friends and family to help. Find out what adventure Maya will take on next! Each book features activity tips from Maya and a page for caregivers and teachers that suggests guiding questions to help aid in reading comprehension. Downloadable Teacher Notes available.

Amazing Migrations (Grasshopper Books)

Amazing Migrations introduces early fluent readers to some of the most amazing animal migrations in a fun, fictional approach. Readers will learn about the appearances, habitats, life cycles, behaviours, diets, and survival techniques through the perspective of animals as they embark on their journeys. Bright, fun illustrations match the storylines to enhance imagination, and tightly controlled text helps children enhance reading skills.

Amazing Ocean Life (Bigfoot Jr.)

The oceans are alive! Dolphins jump, jellyfish sting, and sharks bite. Discover how ocean animals move, hunt, play, and more when you dive into Amazing Ocean Life. There is so much to explore beneath the waves!

Amazing Origami

Interested in origami? Try these perfect introductions to the art of paper folding. Readers will create a variety of projects, first learning basic origami techniques, then advancing to projects with jointed limbs and moving parts.

Amazing Sights in the Sky (Pogo Books)

What is a solar eclipse? Where can you see the northern lights? Find these answers and more in these fact-filled books. Amazing Sights in the Sky introduces the unique, natural wonders in the sky. Bright, colourful photographs complement the carefully levelled text to make reading easy and fun.

Amazing Summer Olympics

From balance beams to running tracks, the events of the Summer Olympic Games captivate and inspire people worldwide. Introduce young fans and budding sports enthusiasts to the eight medal-worthy titles in this high-interest nonfiction series. Action photos and elementary-level text examine the featured eventÎs Olympic history, equipment, and individual or team modes of play. Each book also includes a biographical story about a famous competitor or team who made Olympic history.