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All-Access Gymnastics (Lerner™ Sports)

Gymnastics is a popular and highly viewed sport with a long, exciting history worldwide. Competitions range from beginner to professional levels and are made up of a variety of specialized events. This engaging series gives readers an inside look at gymnastics, including its history and the top gymnasts of the past and present.

All-Star Smackdown (Lerner™ Sports)

Read about the world's greatest athletes and compare their careers in a fun and exciting head-to-head format. Explore their stats and greatest moments, and then choose a winner. Will your favourite come out on top?

All-Time Sports Records (Bolt)

From huge homeruns to super soccer stats, the world of sports is full of amazing records. Lace up your sneakers and race through the best sports records of all time.

Always Mom, Forever Dad

In this reassuring picture book, young readers see children who have two households--whether because of divorce, separation, or other circumstances--experiencing life's ups and downs with both parents -- secure in the knowledge that Mom will always be Mom, and Dad is forever Dad.

Amazing Africa: A to Z

A fun and resourceful book that takes children and even adults on a visual journey throughout the continent of Africa. Readers will visit the pinnacle of Mount Kilimanjaro, learn a few new words in Swahili and Twi while exploring Africa's rich natural resources. The purpose of the book is to aid in learning about the most important and intriguing facts about Africa. With the turn of each page, the authors help to bridge the knowledge gap that exists about the continent. Each page is filled with key facts about the fastest growing population in the world. The book will inspire the next generation to learn more about Amazing Africa and become global citizens.

Amazing Animal Classes (Blastoff! Missions)

What is your favourite animal? Do you like furry mammals, or feathery birds? In this nonfiction series, emerging readers can learn about different animal classes through narrative text and colourful illustrations. Each title goes around the world to find famous and fun examples of each class, from butterflies to sharks, and explores what makes the classes different. Features including question prompts, fun facts, and summary infographics engage young readers with the text and offer even more information about the animal kingdom!

Amazing Animal Minds

Children often display keen curiosity about animals. Amazing Animal Minds teaches readers that not only do animals feel, but they also form relationships, mourn their dead, and play tricks on each other.

Amazing Animal Parts (Blastoff! Readers: Level 1)

What animal has the biggest eyes? Why do elephants have enormous ears? This series explores different animal parts and demonstrates how and why these parts vary throughout the animal kingdom. Each title introduces readers to four animals whose distinct body parts are unique and important. Large text is Levelled for beginning readers. Vibrant photos provide stunning visual support. Features highlight how webbed feet work, what different animal pupils look like, the different shapes of scales, and more!

Amazing Animal Self-Defense

They can ooze blood and cover attackers with sticky slime. Some leave predators dodging deadly quills or running from terrible stink. Animal defenses can be downright gross! Join the high-interest journey for a look at key science curriculum filled with the most disgusting animal responses to threats. Carefully levelled text and gory photos will have readers saying ewww-then quickly turning the page for more!

Amazing Animals (Reissued)

The world of animals is wonderfully diverse. This series travels the planet to study fascinating animals. Beautiful photos are paired with accessible text to examine the featured creature’s appearance, habitat, behaviours, and life cycle.