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Amicus Ink Board Books: Little Animal Friends

Follow these young animals as they venture out on their own, with mama not far behind. These board books feature rhyming narrative poems with active verbs and warm, inviting illustrations that tell a sweet story of adventure, perfect for young ones and their caregivers to read together.

Amicus Ink Board Books: Little Nature Explorers

Inspire little ones to explore and appreciate nature with these cozy board books. Short expressive lines with repeated words and warm, friendly illustrations make these perfect for sharing with babies and toddlers at storytime or bedtime.

Amicus Ink Board Books: Riddle Diddle Dumplings

A dumpling-size portion of rhyming animal riddles, just right for curious toddlers and preschoolers. Read the riddles, guess the answers, and then lift the flaps of these sweetly illustrated board books to see the animals underneath.

Amusement Park Science

Get your adrenaline flowing and discover the amazing science behind amusement park rides. Whether it be stomach-turning carousels, gravity-busting high-level drops, or super-fast twisting roller coasters-each one uses science to thrill the rider and keep them safe. This amazing series looks behind the rides to discover the engineering and science that makes them work. From forces, mass, speed, inertia, velocity, acceleration, kinetic energy, and much, much more . . . . These four books make science fun and relevant in every-day life.

An Unofficial Minecraft® Graphic Novel

If you could venture into the world of your favourite video game, would you? In these full-colour graphic novels, siblings Maria and Mike find a way to step—or more accurately, tumble—into the world of Minecraft. They’ll have to use all their skills, resourcefulness, and teamwork to make it home and then make the world their own. In set two of their adventures, they’re joined by their friends Kiera, Adam, and Rose for continued exploration and challenges in new settings and situations, showing young readers the value of problem solving and teamwork not only in the game but beyond.

Ana and the Sea Star

A young girl finds a starfish on the beach and wants to show it to her mother at home, but doesn't want to take it from its home. With encouragement from her dad and a little imagination, Ana is able to let the sea star go and yet keep it with her at the same time. This beautiful picture book celebrates the power of imagination and an appreciation of the natural world. Back matter invites children into the lives and experiences of a jellyfish, stingray, loggerhead turtle and other sea creatures.

Ancient Civilizations (Blastoff! Discovery)

Our modern world still benefits from the work of ancient civilizations! Everything from how we communicate to what we eat is based on the discoveries of ancient people. This fascinating series introduces readers to the daily lives and innovations of ancient societies. Narrative openings give way to chapters on the rulers, daily life, beliefs, and fall of each ancient society. Each title includes profiles, a cause and effect graphic, a time and place matrix, a timeline, and a thought-provoking question. Readers will gain a new appreciation for the ancients!

Ancient Egypt (DiscoverRoo)

With its impressive pyramids, colourful gods, and intriguing mummies, the ancient Egyptian civilization has captivated people for millennia. This series delivers these Egyptian delights to early elementary readers, using straightforward text and appealing images.

Ancient Marine Life (Epic)

Explore the waters of the ancient world in this hi-lo series for reluctant readers! Readers will discover giant turtles, enormous sharks, and more through engaging text and colourful illustrations. Along the way, features highlight fun facts, animal diets, fossil maps, and more. Readers will love going back in time to discover some of the world’s most fascinating prehistoric creatures!

Ancient Warriors (Crabtree Branches)  

If you could be a medieval warrior, which one would you be? Readers will devour every fact about the armor, weapons, tactics, and training of ancient warriors in these exciting books. Fascinating photos recreate what it was like in battle long ago.Every book also includes a page for caregivers and teachers that suggests guiding questions to help aid in reading comprehension. Downloadable Teacher Notes available.