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Career Exploration

With so many career possibilities, how does one decide which path to follow? One way is to focus on the things we like to do. Problem solvers might thrive as cybersecurity analysts or biomedical engineers and people who like social interaction might enjoy social work or sales. The Career Exploration series profiles a variety of jobs and career fields that are well-suited to particular interests.

Careers for Creative People

STEM careers are all the rage but not everyone wants to be an engineer or actuary. What is a creative person to do? The Careers for Creative People series explores careers for creative types in the fields of fashion, music, the culinary arts, film, and more. These easy-to-use guides give teens with a creative streak a variety of ideas for career search and planning in a variety of fields. What the jobs entail, what they pay, and future prospects are discussed along with insights from industry in

Careers in Demand for High School Graduates

The Careers in Demand for High School Graduates series profiles jobs you can land right out of high school and explains how to use them to build a fulfilling career. Chapters include a questionnaire to see whether the job is right for you, a description of a typical day on the job, an interview with someone working in the field, information about salary potential, advice on how to move up, and much more. Each volume in the series is based on one of the U.S. Department of Labor's career clusters,

Careers in Engineering

Engineering is a top career field but differentiating between one engineering discipline and another is not always easy. The Careers in Engineering series provides easy-to-use guides for teens who are trying to understand the differences between various engineering careers and which of these careers might match their interests, skills, and talents. Each book focuses a single discipline, such as biomedical engineering or electrical engineering, among others. What the job entails, what it pays, an

Careers in Healthcare

Readers of Careers in Healthcare will discover various aspects of 13 different healthcare professions. Beginning with the educational requirements necessary to work in the field, moving into the day to day tasks and expectations, and learning about the developments in the field as well as all the different job opportunities. Unique to this series are firsthand interviews with professionals aimed to give readers an upfront and close perspective into the daily lives of those currently working in t

Careers in the Building Trades: A Growing Demand

Building trade workers play a major role in the success of economies throughout the world. However, despite their pivotal role in our society, only six percent of students consider a career in the trades. That's surprising because trades workers arethe most in-demand occupational field in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Salaries for some trades careers are higher than the average earnings for some occupations that require a bachelor's or graduate degree. Building trade career

Careers Making a Difference

The Careers Making A Difference series provides information on nine important and interesting careers that make a difference in, and improve the whole of, society. Each book in the series describes the careers available in the field, along with valuable information on education, training, salary, job outlook, and job satisfaction.

Careers with Earning Potential

Looking for a well-paying career that doesn't require a bachelor's degree? Readers of Careers with Earning Potential will discover seven well-paying careers, learn about their many subspecialties, and find dozens of suggestions on how to explore these careers while they're still in school. The final title in the series tells readers everything they need to know about presenting themselves effectively in life, on their cover letter and résumé, in the job interview, and in the workplace. As the co

Cars 4 Everyone

Cars are one of our greatest obsessions here in the twenty-first century. No other manmade object has had such an enormous impact on daily life or has been designed with such diversity and imagination. This lavishly illustrated series, with more than 90 colour photos in each title, presents the windswept thrill of Convertibles, the eye-catching diversity of Dream Cars, the power and style of Muscle Cars, the popularity and utility of SUVs, and the people-pleasing innovation and economy of Volksw

Cause & Effect in History

The Cause & Effect in History series examines major historic events by focusing on specific causes and consequences. Every book in the series includes thoughtful discussion of questions like these--supported by facts, examples, and a mix of fully documented primary and secondary source quotes. Each title also includes an overview of the event so that readers have a broad context for understanding the more detailed discussions of specific causes and their effects.