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Spot Creepy Crawlies

Let's learn about creepy, crawly critters! A perfectly age-appropriate introduction to reading, this series introduces simple facts and new vocabulary to emergent readers. From butterflies to spiders, up-close photographs and carefully levelled text provide basic information about these critter's body parts and behaviours. A search-and-find feature keeps even the youngest readers engaged and entertained.

Spot Extreme Weather

From wildfires to blizzards, the weather can take extreme turns. Excite emergent readers about weather with a search-and-find twist to early nonfiction reading. Build a successful foundation for reading with accessible low-level text and striking, full-page photos that boost comprehension of new vocabulary. Perfect early STEM books for kindergartners and first graders.

Spot Holidays

Happy holidays! Highlighting five different cultures and religions, these search-and-find books teach young readers about different holidays. Kids will learn the significance of these holidays and the symbols and traditions that go with them.

Spot Mighty Machines

Watch out! Here come the Mighty Machines. From bulldozers to dump trucks, this series will delight young readers as they learn about the parts of these machines, as well as the jobs they do. A search-and-find feature is sure to grab the attention of any child as they learn new vocabulary and study engaging pictures, making these books as fun as they are educational.

Spot Ocean Animals

Have you ever been in the ocean? This search-and-find series lets young readers dive right in and learn about underwater critters. Find out how their body parts help them eat and avoid enemies in this water-filled series.

Spot Outdoor Fun

Grab your gear and head outdoors! The series of search-and-find books highlights new vocabulary and simple facts about fun outdoor activities. Find the picture, and learn the words!

Spot Seasons

Every season, nature changes. What do animals, plants, and the weather do in each season? The carefully levelled text in each book offers simple explanations along with stunning photographs to draw in readers. Spot Books' unique search and find feature encourages young readers to interact with these low-level nonfiction books.

Spot Sports

Young sports fans will love learning more about their favourite games! In this series a search-and-find feature guides early readers as they learn new vocabulary pertaining to different sport fundamentals, player positions, and rules. Carefully chosen photos and words are sure to captivate kindergarteners and other readers, alike!

Spot Wild Cats

Animal lovers will pounce on these levelled readers about furry, fantastic wildcats. A search-and-find feature helps early readers learn new vocabulary about body parts, habitat, and behaviour. Support visual literacy with awesome photography, photo clues, and an answer key.

Spotlight on Nature

Books about animals have nearly universal appeal-especially when the spotlight is placed on the wild families that make up the natural world. Spotlight on Nature is tailored for readers wanting to know more about their favourite creatures than a simple picture book or encyclopaedia article can tell them, and the narrative feature interspersed throughout the informational text will attract fans of classic nature shows. Each title also underscores the importance of conservation, pointing out where people can see the animal in both captivity and the wild.