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Mighty Steam Engine, The

Using the rhyming poetic structure of This is the House that Jack Built, author Yvonne Ng takes young readers on a cumulative path through the inner workings of a steam engine, from the big wheels rolling on the tracks all the way to the engineer driving the train.


A powerful wordless picture book of courage, empathy, loss, and hope-everything it takes to migrate to a new land. While it is the story of a simple journey, it has multiple layers and symbols.

Mindful Me (Blue Owl Books)

Social and emotional learning (SEL) helps children manage emotions, establish positive habits in communication, create and achieve goals, and make good decisions. Each title in Mindful Me introduces readers to the concept of mindfulness and how it can be easily incorporated into their daily lives to help them grow emotionally and make good decisions.

Mindful Mentality (Blue Owl Books)

Learn how to actively practice empathy, patience, perseverance, respect, tolerance, and good listening skills and apply them to everyday situations with Mindful Mentality. All six titles present engaging and motivating introductions to the importance of these positive character traits and illustrate how shaping these social and emotional learning (SEL) skills can build mindfulness and social awareness.

Mindfulness and Meditation: Handling Life with a Calm and Focused Mind

Teen life can be a pressure cooker leading to anxiety and even thoughts of suicide. Learn about the practice of mindfulness and try meditation exercises for examining emotions, managing stress, checking wellness routines, and setting intentions to increase happiness.

Minding Emotions (Blue Owl Books)

Each book in Minding Emotions highlights a different emotion, how we experience and show it, how we can identify it in others, and how we can best respond to and understand these feelings.

Mini Animals (Abdo Kids Junior)

Who can resist a mini animal? These simple and adorable titles take a look at some of the most impossibly small species in the world! Easy language paired with fun and colourful photographs make this series a must-read!

Mission: Special Ops (Bear Claw Books)

From pararescue jumpers deep in the jungles of Burma to risky underwater rescue missions by Navy SEALs, the Special Operations Forces of the United States Military have a common goal--to save human lives. Through real-life narratives and gripping graphic novel-style illustrations, readers will learn how these heroes defend their nation while performing the most dangerous missions in the world. Each book includes more information on the special ops forces and the gear used by these brave men and women.

Mister T.V.: The Story of John Logie Baird

John Logie Baird loves inventing things! But one day he has an idea that will change the course of history forever . . .

MLB All-Time Greats  

From the legends of the game to today’s superstars, Major League Baseball has always been home to supremely talented players. This series introduces readers to the best of the best from their favourite teams through the years.