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Peace and Me

What does peace mean to you? This beautifully-illustrated collection of inspirational ideas about peace, written especially for children, is inspired by the achievements of fourteen Nobel Peace Prize laureates, among them Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Theresa and Malala Yousafzai. A must for anyone interested in exploring this essential issue of our times, this child-friendly exploration of what peace means to you and me is a book for every bookshelf.

Peoples of North America

For centuries, the Peoples of North America hunted, farmed, and fought throughout the continent’s diverse landscape of dense woodlands, gleaming lakes, rugged canyons, and rolling plains. This series examines the cultures and lifestyles of these peoples as leaders, warriors, and families throughout history, as well as the immediate and long-term effects of European contact and conflict. Presented with objective coverage and eyewitness accounts, each title also includes a traditional legend and a focus on the present-day efforts of these peoples to retain their culture in a changing word.

Pet Care (Dash!)

Kids can learn lots of important responsibilities by caring for a pet. And for beginning readers who don?t have pets, the information and photographs are still fun to read and see! This series is at a Level 1 and is written specifically for beginning readers.

Phrases of the Moon

In this ode to the moon, poems weave together stories people have told for centuries with impressions we all might have had about this mysterious but constant celestial orb.

Pippa and Percival, Pancake and Poppy: Four Peppy Puppies

A puppy named Poppy hears a rustling behind her fence and does what any curious puppy would--digs a hole under! There she finds another puppy! The puppies find two more floppy puppy friends and go on a galloping, adventure...until they catch a fright and go racing back to their loving homes. Told in bouncing, rolling rhyme, this sweet story is sure to capture the hearts of little dog lovers everywhere.

Pirates in Class 3

Classroom 3 has an unexpected adventure when Captain Calamity shows up looking for treasure in their classroom! Eager to help with Ms. Bitsy gone, the students of Classroom 3 search from reading corner to building blocks to help the Captain locate the treasure. Can the class pull together to find the treasure before Captain Bloodloss catches up and steals it? Or will they battle it out with the notorious pirate bully?

Plan for Pops, A  

In this illustrated picture book, a child helps their grandparents deal with a difficult change in abilities.

Planet Grief  

In this novel for middle readers, a group of young teens gather for Grief Camp, where they confront their feelings and try to understand how grief affects everyone differently.

Planète Animaux

De nouveaux titres viennent s’ajouter à cette collection à succès, afin de faire découvrir d’autres fascinants mammifères, oiseaux, reptiles, poissons et invertébrés. Le texte, adapté à nos jeunes lecteurs, décrit les caractéristiques, l’habitat, le comportement et le cycle de vie de chaque animal et est illustré de magnifiques photos. De plus, chaque livre comprend une petite histoire populaire que différents peuples racontaient pour expliquer l’apparence physique ou le comportement de l’animal en question.

Planets (Dash!)

Planets are incredible space bodies, so incredible that life can survive on at least one of them! Each title in this series is information-packed, and covers everything from the size of the planet, to what its atmosphere is made of, to the missions that have explored it! This is a Level 3 series and is specifically for transitional readers.