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Look Closely (LOOK! Books™)

In Look Closely, readers are challenged to identify people, plants, animals, structures, and objects from an extreme close-up of each one. An accompanying riddle provides clues. The complete image is then revealed along with fascinating facts about it.


When sixteen-year-old cupid-in-training Kali sticks herself with an arrow and falls for her own target, there'll be Hades to pay. To reclaim her heart and destiny, Kali will have to disobey the Gods, defy the Fates, and hope she doesn't lose her best friend in the process.

Lucy Essaie des Sports  

Après avoir essayé la glisse sur luge, Lucy commence une nouvelle aventure de vitesse—Cette fois-ci, elle lace ses patins et essaie le patinage de vitesse sur courte piste. C’est plus difficile que ça en a l’air. Lorsqu’on patine en tournant très vite, on risque de tomber! Mais avec ses amies, Lucy avance sur la glace dans une course palpitante vers la ligne d’arrivée.

Lucy Tries Sports  

This series aims to promote physical literacy and encourage young readers to get involved in sports. Research shows that developing fundamental movement and sport skills at a young age benefits kids for their entire lives, promoting an active and healthy lifestyle.

Mae the Mayfly

When Mae the mayfly first hatches she learns she'll have just a day to enjoy the world. But soon a hungry trout has her racing for cover! As she peeks from her hiding spot and notices some of nature's most beautiful sights, she realizes she must live in the moment and experience everything the--sometimes scary--world has to offer. This tender story reminds us all--young and old--to be present and mindful in all we do.

Magic Tricks (Lightning Bolt Books™)

You won't believe your eyes! This series teaches aspiring magicians to perform amazing optical illusions, disappearing tricks, prop tricks, and card tricks. Simple text, step-by-step instructions, and supporting photos engage and excite young readers.

Major League Sports (All-Star Books)

This series introduces readers to some major league sports, covering exciting moments, top competitors, and the history of each sport. Each title features informative side bars, detailed infographics, vivid photos, and a glossary.

Make Your Own Fun (Hi Jinx)

Rocket makerspace to a whole new level with this series as it details how to make awesome crafts and explores all of the fun that goes with them. With friendly, step-by-step instructions, clear imagery, and helpful hints, this series will lead readers to finished products they'll be proud of.

Makers Make It Work

This series of fun, easy-to-read stories ties into the popular Makers Movement by focusing on problem-solving and hands-on action. With bright, eye-catching art and explanatory side bars with additional information on each topic, these books show kids how to use their hands, their heads, their creativity, and their problem-solving skills to overcome all kinds of challenges. Each book also includes an activity for young makers to try themselves. With the Makers Make It Work series, any kid can be a maker!

Making a Difference (12SL)

The Making a Difference series tells engaging, inspiring, and sometimes touching stories of people, organizations, and communities who are helping people, animals, and the planet. Each book profiles 12 stories about how people are making a difference in a respective area: animals, children, the community, after a disaster, education, immigrants and refugees, the planet, and seniors. Some work is on a national or global scale; other work is on a grassroots, local level. Readers will learn how others are trying to make the world a better place, and be inspired to do the same.