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Not Just A Book

A book is not just a book. It can be so many things: a hat or a building block, a flower press or a fly-swatter! But books are so much more than that. They can make you feel and can take you anywhere; they can make you laugh and can teach you anything you want to know.

Nothing But Sky

Grace Lafferty, an eighteen-year-old wing-walker, thrills crowds with barrel rolls and loop-the-loops in hopes of making enough money to get to the 1922 World Aviation Expo. When one of her maneuvers saves a pilot's life, a film studio offers Grace a chance at a coveted Hollywood contract. But after a stunt goes wrong, Grace must decide whether her life is worth risking for one final trick.

Notre monde : dégoûtant mais génial!  

Grâce à ces livres aux anecdotes à la fois curieuses, dégoûtantes et fascinantes, vos enfants s’empresseront d’aller tout raconter dans les cours de récré. Avec des textes adaptés à leur niveau de lecture, ils apprendront ainsi tout en s’amusant.

Now That's Fast!

As seemingly impossible travel barriers are broken by self-driving automobiles and futuristic passenger vehicles, inquisitive minds are often fascinated by the many forms, features, and abilities of transportation-especially when it comes to speed. Now That?s Fast! offers a high-interest introduction to the mind-boggling speeds and incredible features of some of the world?s fastest terrestrial vehicles and airborne crafts. Each title includes a brief history as it explains the purpose of these distinctive forms of transportation, and a diagram allows readers an up-close look at the featured craft?s construction.

Nutrition Matters (Bumba Books™)

Levelled text and colourful photographs help early readers explore nutrition and the importance of healthful eating. Age-appropriate critical thinking questions, colourful visual aids, and a photo glossary help children learn about food, diet, and forming healthy eating habits.

Oceans of the World

The world's oceans cover more than 70 percent of Earth's surface. But how much do children really know about our planet's main bodies of water? Oceans of the World gives readers the basics on the world's five main oceans, through beautiful photos and simple text. Colourful maps, fact-filled side bars and captions, a table of contents, a phonetic glossary, sources for further research, an index, and an introduction to the author all aid in comprehension.

Odysseys in Extreme Sports

Odysseys in Extreme Sports invites advanced readers, whether typically athletes or spectators, along on a journey to experience six popular, adrenaline-pumping activities like never before. Showcasing techniques and gear while introducing groundbreaking innovators and legendary competitors, this series emphasizes the origins, development, and growth of each sport. Peppered with historical and colour shots, these titles also feature side panels that provide further insight and familiarize readers with the various forms of the activity. Coloured glossary terms assist in making the text accessible to a wide range of fans.


A comical story about a very busy bath. Pig is having a lovely bath. In come Sheep, Cow, Horse . . . . They are very noisy! Pig finds a way to make them go away. Oink!

Old Man, The

Day breaks over the town. Get up, everybody! It's time to go to school. For the old man too, it's time to wake up. The night was icy and he's hungry. His name? He doesn't know . . .This is the story of a person with no job, no family, no home—a nobody, who can't even remember what he was once named. But his day changes when he is noticed by a child.

Ollie on Stage

When Ollie the ogre sees a flyer for the local talent show, he feels the bright lights of the stage call to him. He just knows he'll win first place! Only, he's not too sure what exactly his talent is. With some help from his friends, Ollie learns to work with his strengths (which happen to be his strength!) rather than against them and finds that the best way to shine is to be yourself.