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Owl's Outstanding Donuts

When an owl alerts Mattie Waters to suspicious activity near her aunt's Big Sur donut shop, Mattie must rally her friends, face her fears, and try to save her new home.


When aspiring musician Madelaine finds a poetry fragment that helps her finish a song she's writing, she tracks down the author online in hopes of starting a collaboration. But there's more to the situation than she realizes.

Paper Butterflies

June's life at home with her stepmother and stepsister is a dark one—and a secret one. Not even her dad knows the truth, and she can't find the words to tell anyone else. She's trapped like a butterfly in a net. Then June meets Blister, a boy from a large, loving, chaotic family. In him, she finds a glimmer of hope that perhaps she can find a way to fly far, far away. Because she deserves her freedom. Doesn't she?

Paralympic Sports

The Paralympics are here and there's so much to see! From fast paced team sports to intense individual races, the world's best athletes with disabilities come together to compete in Olympic-style games. High-impact photography will keep readers engaged while learning about athletes who compete for a gold medal.

Paranormal Mysteries (Black Sheep)

Strange happenings splash across newspaper headlines with no earthly explanation and leave us wondering: is it just a coincidence, or is it really something not of this world? These graphic narratives delve into paranormal stories that have captured the attention of nations and left believers and skeptics at odds. With historical quotes, timelines, and theories on possible causes, this high-interest series lets reluctant readers explore the mysteries and reach their own conclusions of what really happened.


With just the right blend of text and commentary, the popular ""A Family Haggadah"" , with new full color art, is the haggadah of choice for families with young children to use at their seders. With its updated text and new full color illustrations, but same page numbers, this haggadah can easily be added to an existing set of this haggadah. Hebrew prayers and songs include English translation and transliteration.

Pet Care (Dash!)

Kids can learn lots of important responsibilities by caring for a pet. And for beginning readers who don't have pets, the information and photographs are still fun to read and see! This series is at a Level 1 and is written specifically for beginning readers.

Pet Library

Pet Library, focusing on the most popular family pets, begins with a look at the history of the species and takes readers through a journey for greater understanding of each animal. Each book will detail the various breeds and their original habitats, body language, intelligence level, instinctive behaviours, means of communication, and history of domestication. With stunning color photos on every page, readers will thoroughly enjoy reading about their favourite four-legged, winged, or finned family friends.

Phone Booth in Mr. Hirota's Garden, The  

This gorgeously illustrated picture book tells the story of a young Japanese boy who loses his dad in a tsunami.

Picking Up the Pieces  

This nonfiction book, illustrated with photographs, tells the story of the making of the Witness Blanket, a work by Indigenous artist Carey Newman that includes hundreds of items from every Residential School in Canada and stories from the Survivors who donated them.