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Weed: Cannabis Culture in the Americas

Humans have used cannabis for thousands of years, since Neolithic peoples sought out its medicinal benefits. But for the past century, its use has been largely criminalized. Stigma around cannabis has made it difficult for people of all ages to get straightforward answers about how to minimize health risks related to cannabis consumption or to understand how the plant has shaped and continues to shape society today.

Weekend and Zay

Best friends Weekend and Zay seem like opposites. While Zay loves going to school, Weekend would rather stay home and play video games. So when Zay ropes Weekend into a Lego Math & Writing Camp, Weekend is furious. Next thing he knows, heÎs going to school on a Saturday, helping kids build with Legos, and avoiding Zay at all costs. But as the day goes on, Weekend learns that camp isnÎt so bad after all, especially with the right partner.

Weight of Everything, The

Six months ago, Sarah's beloved mother died in a car accident. Her dad fell apart, and Sarah had to leave her fine arts boarding school to take care of him and her little brother. Now, her dad's drinking and spending have gotten out of control, and Sarah is trying to hold everything together at home while adjusting to the local public high school. She's sure she doesn't have the time or emotional energy for a relationship with her sweet, handsome classmate, David Garza. But when a school project leads her to delve into her mother's Mexican and Guatemalan roots and rediscover her love of art, her perspective shifts.

Weird and Wonderful Animals (DiscoverRoo)

Our planet is filled with weird and wonderful creatures. This fascinating series investigates the habitats, adaptations, life cycles, and behaviours of some of Earth's most interesting animals.

Weird Animal Diets

Animals eat a variety of foods, from plants and other animals to poop, soil, or blood. This series examines four of the most interesting animal diets and explores the reasons why animals eat those particular foods.

Weird Animals (Crabtree Roots)  

Early readers will love reading about strange animals with unique physical features and behaviors that make them wonderfully weird. Each book also includes a page for caregivers and teachers that suggests guiding questions to help aid in reading comprehension. Downloadable Teacher Notes available.

Welcome Newcomers Teen Fundamentals: Topic-Based Fiction at Emergent Reading Levels

Developed for high school and adult newcomers who are in the early stages of learning English, this set of engaging fiction books is the perfect introduction to American culture as well as school and community systems. Based on the same 14 themes from the Welcome Newcomers collection (click here to view) but written at significantly lower reading levels, these stories are a great addition to any secondary newcomer classroom. The key to this set's accessibility is emergent level text combined with full-color photos on every page to support both fluency and comprehension. Each book is 48 pages but just 650 words or less, allowing for only a few sentences per spread. Readers will relate to the main characters who are teen newcomers themselves, facing realistic challenges as they navigate daily life in a new country.For classrooms that already have Welcome Newcomers, this is a great starter pack. The books complement the nonfiction/fiction pairs from that series. Because they are writ

Welcome to Fort Goode

Lang Ford is moving, again. He's leaving his school, friends, and community for his dad's new post at Fort Goode Military Base in Virginia. As Lang settles into his new life and meets new friends, he learns that as long as his family is together, he is home.

Welcome to the World

A baby's first year is filled with newness and wonder, from the sight of the sun filtering through leaves to the splash of water at bathtime to sweet snuggles with mom. This book celebrates all of baby's charming firsts and reminds us all of the miracles this life holds when seen through their very new eyes.

Welcoming Babies

It's a powerful concept, exploring the routines and rituals of a child's first year in diverse cultures and traditions and introducing readers to babies from tiny Luke, who is spending his first days of life in an incubator, to Kasa, who is being introduced to the sunrise by her grandmother. Nontraditional families--biracial, adoptive, and single-parent--are included. The ways in which babies are welcomed into the world are wonderfully varied yet strikingly kindred. Welcoming Babies is equally appropriate as a gift to new parents or grandparents and a read-aloud for babies.