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YA Non-Fiction (75 series)

Natural Satellites: The Book of Moons

In our solar system, there are hundreds of objects trapped in orbit around the planets. These moons feature some of the most extreme and fascinating environments-from Enceladus's organic compoundûrich jets to Titan's methane lakes and thick atmosphere. Some of these environments may even be conducive to life. Author Ron Miller, who is also a NASA illustrator, delves into the science behind these underexplored objects and makes the case for why moons should be the first place we look for alien li

Next Pandemic, The: What's to Come?

The COVID-19 pandemic revealed how unprepared governments were for a major outbreak of infectious disease. As a result, scientists and health experts are already making plans for how to improve nations? ability to respond and protect their populations. The Next Pandemic: What?s to Come? examines cutting-edge technologies for detecting outbreaks, tracing cases, sharing medical information, and creating life-saving vaccines.

Odysseys in the Environment

At a time when environmental issues are being hotly debated, it is more important than ever that young people be fully informed. These titles invite advanced readers on a journey to explore the history of environmental affairs like never before. Each volume features a sophisticated design peppered with arresting photographs and relevant, compelling examples to clarify potentially complicated subjects. Multiple side bars provide fodder for additional discussion and thought, and numerous resources

Pandemic, Protest, and Politics: A Look Back at 2020

For Americans, 2020 was a year in which hundreds of thousands of people lost their lives in a deadly pandemic. Meanwhile, protesters took to the streets to demonstrate against racial injustice, terrible storms and wildfires swept across the country, and a divisive and caustic campaign for the presidency dominated life. Pandemic, Protest, and Politics: A Look Back at 2020 will examine these issues and their impacts on life in America.

Planet Under Siege: Climate Change

Climate change is one of the most controversial and challenging issues presently facing humanity. Earth's climate is changing more quickly than scientists originally anticipated, and that is already having negative effects on crucial aspects of life, including sea levels, the biodiversity and survival of countless animal species, and the integrity of the human food supply.

Policing and Race: The Debate Over Excessive Use of Force

How and when police use force, and what constitutes excessive force, is central to the debate over policing and race. This book examines use-of-force policies and training, militarization of police, the role of body cameras and video, officer accountability, and the future of policing.

Queer History Project

Join author Lee Wind on a fascinating journey through LGBTQIA+ history, as he delves into primary sources to reclaim the lives, loves, and identities of historical figures around the world.

Quick Guide to Anime and Manga

Anime and manga are surging in popularity, creating legions of new fans and bringing in billions of dollars in revenue. This quick guide covers all the essential titles and artists while exploring the reasons why these uniquely Japanese art forms have captured the imagination of so many different types of people throughout the world.

Risks of Social Media, The

Social media's explosive growth has come with many benefits but it has also resulted in significant risks including addiction, deception, and bullying. This series explores those risks and the challenges of addressing them. All books feature real-world accounts, fully-documented quotes, and clear, thoughtful narrative.

Running on Empty: Sleeplessness in American Teens

Nearly half of young adults fail to get the recommended eight to ten hours of sleep a night they need, and nearly a third have fallen asleep in school due to insufficient sleep. Lack of quality sleep impacts stress levels, academic performance, and physical and mental health, and in severe cases, it can even lead to death. Readers will learn how to get more and better sleep, as well as why sleep is vital to their well-being. Running on Empty: Sleeplessness in American Teens takes a much-needed s