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Non-Fiction (277 series)

Community Places (Blastoff! Beginners)

Time for errands! We drop off books at the library and send letters at the post office. Places like these keep our communities running! This series takes students who are just starting to read independently into familiar places in their communities. Simple, predictable text and bright, colourful photos introduce each place, while features such as diagrams and labels reinforce the text. Take a walk around your community with this fun series!

Cooking Across Canada! (Expedition)  

An informative and entertaining series about cooking with fun facts and recipes from across the country. These titles will touch on the traditions and history of the food and include healthy choices and fun facts.

Cool Cars (Epic)

Buckle up and get ready for a drive! In this hi-lo series, reluctant readers will learn about some of the coolest cars available today. Engaging text provides details about the history, features, and futures of these cars. Crisp images deliver a visual aid for readers to connect with the text. Special features highlight key details about each car, including size, engine type, and top speed.

Countries of the World (Blastoff! Readers: Level 2)

Pack your bags and get ready to travel the world in this exciting series! Each title dives into the geography, climate, and culture of a specific country with vibrant images and levelled text. Special features highlight the landscapes, animals, languages, foods, and holidays of each nation. Each title concludes with a country facts profile that summarizes the country and its demographics in a fun, engaging way to help readers become global explorers!

Country Profiles

Adventure abroad! This series takes young explorers on a world tour. Readers will stop at famous landmarks, meet new people groups, and experience unique customs and holidays. To further celebrate cultural diversity, these books teach how to speak foreign words, cook staple foods, and play traditional games.

Crafts in a Snap! (Create! Books)

Get ready to craft on the clock! Groovy projects made from easily-sourced and upcycled materials provide fast fun in this hands-on creating adventure. Easy-to-follow instructions paired with step-by-step photos are perfect for any makerspace or creative kid on a time crunch. Fits perfectly in a class time block or a busy kid at home. It’s far out fun!

Crayola® Art of Coding: A Celebration of Creative Mindsets

Young readers will love delving into some of the most important basics of computational thinking and coding. From sequencing to debugging, readers will learn concepts through unplugged activities that empower them to think like coders.

Crayola® Makers

These fun activity books integrate active nonfiction with STEAM: science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Step-by-step instructions and colourful photos guide readers through hands-on activities and inspire them to develop a maker mindset.

Crayola® Our Colorful Earth: Celebrating the Natural World

Readers explore rainbow mountains, pink sand beaches, and more and learn the science behind some of nature's most colourful geographical formations.

Crayola® STEAM Teams: Creativity, Innovation, and Teamwork

Take a look at the many ways that teams use STEAM to solve problems. From developing smartphones to capturing images of black holes, there's nothing teams can't do when they work together!