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Non_Fiction (187 series)

COVID-19 Pandemic, The (BrightPoint Press)

The COVID-19 Pandemic explores how COVID-19 affected the world in 2020. Readers will learn about the spread of the disease and the work being done to stop the COVID-19 virus. Each book includes a graphic that presents key information visually, source notes, and resources to aid in further research.

Crayola® Art of Coding: A Celebration of Creative Mindsets

Young readers will love delving into some of the most important basics of computational thinking and coding. From sequencing to debugging, readers will learn concepts through unplugged activities that empower them to think like coders.

Crayola® Makers

These fun activity books integrate active nonfiction with STEAM: science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Step-by-step instructions and colourful photos guide readers through hands-on activities and inspire them to develop a maker mindset.

Crayola® Our Colorful Earth: Celebrating the Natural World

Readers explore rainbow mountains, pink sand beaches, and more and learn the science behind some of nature's most colourful geographical formations.

Crayola® STEAM Teams: Creativity, Innovation, and Teamwork

Take a look at the many ways that teams use STEAM to solve problems. From developing smartphones to capturing images of black holes, there's nothing teams can't do when they work together!

Creative Sports: Veterans (MLB)

The Curse of the Bambino. The Splendid Splinter. The Big Unit. The Miracle Mets. Throughout the history of Major League Baseball, legends loom large. Hit a home run with young fans and students of the game with this revitalized MLB set of Creative Sports for “veteran” readers of an older-elementary audience. No matter which team they root for, each volume narrates the history of the club, underscoring significant players, team accomplishments, and noteworthy seasons or games. Colourful, photo-la

Creepy Crawlers in Action: Augmented Reality

Get up close with creepy crawlers through amazing augmented reality experiences! Jumping spiders soar through the air to inject venom into unsuspecting prey. Ticks chew through skin to suck blood, while stick insects hide in plain sight. Learn the fascinating details of insect and arachnid life cycles with fascinating facts and pictures. Augmented reality experiences accessible via a tablet or smartphone show readers creepy-crawly critters like they've never seen them before!

Cryptology (Alternator Books®)

Enter the exciting world of cryptology, the science of secret communications. Discover how cryptologists encode and decode messages and work to keep information secure. Learn about codes and cyphers, and explore the realm of digital currency and blockchain technology.

Curious about Pets

Why do dogs wag their tails? Can birds talk? Adorably cute, pets are a constant source of entertainment and fun. Engage kids’ natural curiosity about pet behaviour, body language, and even training in a fun Q&A format that reinforces inquiry skills. A Stay Curious! feature models research skills while simple infographics support visual literacy.

Curious about Unexplained Mysteries

Is there any proof of Bigfoot? What do ghosts look like? Build on kids? natural curiosity about the high-interest topic of paranormal with a fun question-and-answer format. Reinforce inquiry skills with questions on appearance, behaviour, and sightings that help answer the big question-what?s the proof? A Stay Curious! feature models research skills while simple infographics support visual literacy.