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Non_Fiction (187 series)

Working Together (Blue Owl Books)

Working Together helps readers prepare for and succeed in peer environments. Each title reinforces social and emotional learning (SEL) concepts while empowering readers, detailing how to identify strengths, resolve conflicts, advocate for oneself, share tasks, and make decisions as a team to help achieve goals. Readers will reflect on working well with others and build skill sets they can take with them and apply to everyday situations.

World of Dinosaurs, The (Epic)

Movies and television shows have turned people of all ages into dinosaur fanatics. But what were these prehistoric creatures really like, and what wiped them out? This high-interest series explores the lives of world-famous dinosaurs, from diets to defenses, and examines what drove these great beasts to extinction. Maps, size comparisons, and other special features help bring the exciting world of dinosaurs to life!

World of Ocean Animals, The (Pogo Books)

The World of Ocean Animals presents a high-interest STEM introduction to our oceans' mammals, detailing which oceans each species inhabits and its appearance, diet, life cycle, and behaviours. Vivid and engaging colour photographs complement the text and show how these animals live and survive in the ocean. Two Take a Look! infographics in each title highlight and label each mammal?s range and habitat as well as its anatomy.

World of Origami, A (Create! Books)

Make A World of Origami in this super fun series. Clear, step-by-step instructions and photos guide readers as they learn to fold animals and plants from habitats around the world. Fun facts teach the reader more about the creatures and places in each book as they work their maker muscles. Just grab some paper and get folding at home or in the classroom.

World Studies (Voyager)

Our world contains an incredible diversity of geographies, nations, and cultures. This informative series explores eight regions of the world, focusing on their rich and complex histories, natural environments, economies, governments, and peoples.

X-treme Facts: Ancient History

Did you know the yo-yo was invented in Ancient Greece? Or that people in China have used chopsticks to eat with for more than 4,000 years? Learn these cool facts and so much more in this engaging history series. Readers will explore history curriculum in a fun and enticing way that doesn't even feel like learning. This series is especially wonderful for reluctant readers.

Xtreme Screams (A&D Xtreme)

Xtreme Screams brings monster legends to your reluctant readers. Short, easy-to-read bursts of information highlight each creature, real-life history, and examples from books, movies, and video games. Features include a table of contents, glossary, and index. Plus, an Xtreme Challenge page is included with content questions designed to help readers process and build on their ôXtreme Screamsö knowledge.