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Living with Disorders and Disabilities

Living with Disorders and Disabilities introduces students to several mental health issues that are common in today's world. Readers will explore the underlying causes of these disorders and disabilities, the symptoms that result, and the methods doctors use to diagnose them. The books also present the latest research in effective ways to manage and treat these issues. Each volume includes diagrams to enhance readers' understanding of complex concepts, source notes, and an annotated bibliography

Lonely, The

Easter Deetz struggles with The Lonelyùa debilitating condition that affects all the women in her family. The Lonely makes people sad and it makes them lie. One day, Easter's sister drops a boulder on her in The Woods. As she bleeds to death, she's forced to face those lies with a bunch of judgmental squirrels watching. Which sucks.

Lost in the Backyard  

Survival of the fittest doesn’t apply to Flynn. Flynn hates the outdoors. Always has. He barely pays attention in his Outdoor Ed class. He has no interest in doing a book report on Lost in the Barrens. He doesn’t understand why anybody would want to go hiking or camping. But when he gets lost in the wilderness behind his parents’ friends’ house, it’s surprising what he remembers—insulate your clothes with leaves, eat snow to stay hydrated, build a shelter, eat lichen—and how hopelessly inept he


When sixteen-year-old cupid-in-training Kali sticks herself with an arrow and falls for her own target, there'll be Hades to pay. To reclaim her heart and destiny, Kali will have to disobey the Gods, defy the Fates, and hope she doesn't lose her best friend in the process.

Memory Jar, The

Since the accident, Taylor’s memory has been fuzzy. But at least she’s awake. Who knows what her boyfriend, Scott, will remember when he comes out of the coma. Will he remember that Taylor was driving the snowmobile when it crashed? Will he remember the engagement ring? Her pregnancy? Will he remember that she tried to break up with him? Taylor doesn’t know. And she doesn’t know if she wants him to remember. Plenty of things happened that night and before secrets—wrapped in secrets—that she’d pr

Military Careers

Teens who are trying to decide if the military is for them will find a useful tool in this easy-to-use series of reference guides. Each book in the Military Careers series focuses on a different branch of the military and introduces students to specific jobs representing an array of career possibilities. All books cover what the jobs entail; working conditions; educational and physical requirements; opportunities for advancement; employment prospects in the civilian world; and more. Perspectives

Most Dangerous Thing, The  

Sixteen-year-old Sydney hates to talk (or even think) about sex. She's also fighting a secret battle against depression, and she's sure she'll never have a boyfriend. When her classmate Paul starts texting and sending her nature photos, she is caught off guard by his interest. Always uncomfortable with any talk about sex, Sydney is shocked when her extroverted sister, Abby, announces that she is going to put on The Vagina Monologues at school. Despite her discomfort, Sydney starts to reexamine h

Music Scene

The Music Scene series focuses on what today's new musicians are doing, what they seek to convey through their music, and how they are using new techniques and technology to create and promote their work. Each book introduces readers to influential musicians and presents brief historical background as well as highlighting the work of a variety of contemporary musicians and their music.

My Whole Truth

When the former high school basketball star attacks her, she has no choice but to defend herself. She saved her own life, but she can't bring herself to talk about what happened that night. Not all of it. Not even when she's arrested for murder. After killing her attacker, Seelie must prove in court and in the hallways of her high school that she acted in self-defence.