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United Nations, The: Leadership and Challenges in a Global World

As the twenty-first century marches on, the global community is confronted with a number of complex issues, including climate change, poverty, epidemics, and terrorism. Despite its imperfections, the United Nations remains the primary international organization for addressing these challenges. The United Nations: Leadership and Challenges in a Global World explores the history, structure, and activities of this most vital institution. The series will help students understand the problems the org

Unseen, The

Sixteen-year-old Eleanor, a shapeshifter dealing with her new body, finds herself targeted by rumors, superstition, and religion. As a dangerous predator stalks her hometown, she is forced to decide if she should cling to hope, or follow her instincts and run.

Untold History of Ancient Civilizations, The

Bring some of the world's earliest cultures to life in The Untold History of Ancient Civilizations series where readers will explore some lesser-known facts about groups of ancient peoples. From the water-run clocks created by the Greeks to the mythof the Vikings two-horned hats, readers will explore the worlds of ancient civilizations beyond the history books and take a deeper look into the daily lives of families within each culture. Readers will travel this journey of forgotten pasts for an


In this fantasy middle-grade novel, twelve-year-old storybook character Gracie Freeman lives in the real world but longs to discover what happened in the story she came from. When she finally gets her chance, the truth isn't what she was expecting.

Up for Sale

Up for Sale tackles human trafficking and modern slavery around the world, from forced labor to sexual exploitation. It offersáheart-wrenching personal accounts from survivors and information about the global fight against human trafficking.

Vaccination Investigation: The History and Science of Vaccines

A century ago, the number one killer of children in the United States was infectious disease. Thanks to the development of vaccines, smallpox has been eliminated worldwide, and polio has disappeared from the United States and other countries. Throughout the world, people are living longer, healthier lives because of vaccines for measles, malaria, pneumonia, meningitis, and many other infections. Yet humans have not conquered every infectious disease, and new ones are always appearing. And medica

Vegetable Museum, The  

In this middle-grade novel, thirteen-year-old Chloë learns about her family's history while helping her grandfather in his garden.

Video Games and Society

Advances in video game technology have fueled a growing appetite for video games of all sorts. Gaming at its core is a form of entertainment but for some it has also become an obsession. Video Games and Society explores the highs and lows of this most ubiquitous technology—how video games have influenced people and daily life.

Vietnam War, The

The Vietnam War constitutes a defining moment in modern history. Starting from 1945 and lasting to 1975, The war pitted the Communists of Vietnam, supported by China and the USSR, against a number of opponents, including first the French and second the South Vietnamese and Americans, the latter supported by a number of allies. U.S. involvement began when the anti-Communist government of South Vietnam sought American aid, and this grew steadily from technical support, weapons, and equipment to th

View From Who I Was, The

On a cold Colorado night, Oona Antunes leaves Crystal High's Winter Formal, walks deep into the woods, and lies down in the snow to die. She awakens in the hospital, suffering the effects of frostbite and hypothermia. But her physical injuries aren't nearly as painful as the wound she can't name, the one she feels cutting deep into the core of who she is. While recovering from her suicide attempt, Oona discovers that the roots of her problems go beyond herself. To fully understand what happened