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Fandom: FIC Writers, Vidders, Gamers, Artists, and Cosplayers

A fandom is a community of people—fans—who share a passion, be it a play, novel, movie, TV show, sports team, celebrity, game, or hobby. Take a look at how some fans turn that passion into their own creative expressions. Writers and videographers produce fanfiction and fanvids. Cosplayers create and dress in costumes as characters from their fandoms. Fan artists create a head-spinning array of visual arts, from digital paintings to webcomics. Video-gaming fandoms are a world in themselves, with

Find Your Style: Boost Your Body Image Through Fashion Confidence

Media saturation can make girls and YA women question their natural beauty and feel poorly about themselves. This book helps girls work in a positive way to understand their body types and to create figure-flattering styles that also build self-esteem and confidence. Through a self-affirming approach, the style consultant author helps readers strengthen their media literacy by busting media myths about beauty; offers helpful, easy-to-implement proven ideas about colour, shape, fabrics, balance,

Finding a Career

A lucky few know exactly what kind of work they want to do someday. But what about all the others who know what they like (history, math, writing, etc.) but have no clue what job or career to pursue? The Finding a Career series offers students another way of thinking about jobs and careers: by considering their interests and the skill sets they have developed in connection with those interests.

Firebug of Balrog County, The

A firebug has woken inside my heart Dark times have fallen on remote Balrog County, and Mack Druneswald, a high school senior with a love of arson, is doing his best to deal. While his family is haunted by his mother's recent death, Mack spends his nights roaming the countryside, looking for something new to burn. When he encounters Katrina, a college girl with her own baggage, Mack sets out on a path of pyromania the likes of which sleepy Balrog County has never seen before. A darkly comic tour

Folding Tech: Using Origami and Nature to Revolutionize Technology

Folding technologies are being used to create everything from nanobots to telescope lenses that unfold to the size of a soccer field. The engineers behind these inventions are taking inspiration from an unusual source-origami! Examine how this ancient art intersects with math.

Forgotten Heirs Trilogy, The

The crystal compass predicts a turning point when Reann, a seventeen-year-old servant, will take control of her fate, and Terith, a fearless dragon rider, will determine the fate of his people.

Forgotten Youth

Some young people grow up under extremely challenging circumstancesùand their peers know little about their lives or the difficulties they must overcome. The Forgotten Youth series introduces young readers to foster youth, homeless youth, undocumented immigrant youth, and others who struggle to find their place in society. Each volume presents a vivid picture of what these youth experience day in and day outùtheir hopes, their fears, their triumphs and challenges. Details of daily life, quotes,

Former Soviet Union, The: Then and Now

Historical perspective on the republics that once made up the Soviet Union and the choices and challenges that have shaped where they are today is the focus of The Former Soviet Union: Then and Now. All books in the series examine important political, economic, and cultural events during the Soviet period and since the Soviet Union’s collapse. Challenges that lie ahead are also explored.

Fragile Remedy

Sixteen-year-old Nate has spent most of his life hiding in The Withers-the destitute, quarantined slum across the river from the cosmopolitan Gathos City-dodging slave catchers and corrupt peacekeepers, avoiding chem fiends, and scavenging tech to sell at the market. But when his body begins rapidly degenerating, he must choose between working for a shadowy terrorist organization that has the means to keep him alive, or staying-and dying-with the boy he loves. Theme: LGBTQ+


Every sports franchise has its face-the star of the show, the player fans can't take their eyes off of, the one whose talent determines the fate of the entire operation. The Franchise series explores these athletes' stories, taking readers into the players' lives on and off the field of play. Learn about your favourite athletes' early days, the challenges they've overcome to reach the top, and the qualities that make them truly incomparable.