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World Around Us, The (21st Century Basic Skills Library)

Early guided readers in the 21st Century Basic Skills Library support the development of reading skills as they introduce students to vocabulary and content that they will use for a lifetime.

World of Dinosaurs, The (Epic)

Movies and television shows have turned people of all ages into dinosaur fanatics. But what were these prehistoric creatures really like, and what wiped them out? This high-interest series explores the lives of world-famous dinosaurs, from diets to defenses, and examines what drove these great beasts to extinction. Maps, size comparisons, and other special features help bring the exciting world of dinosaurs to life!

World of Ocean Animals, The (Pogo Books)

The World of Ocean Animals presents a high-interest STEM introduction to our oceans' mammals, detailing which oceans each species inhabits and its appearance, diet, life cycle, and behaviours. Vivid and engaging colour photographs complement the text and show how these animals live and survive in the ocean. Two Take a Look! infographics in each title highlight and label each mammal?s range and habitat as well as its anatomy.

World of Origami, A (Create! Books)

Make A World of Origami in this super fun series. Clear, step-by-step instructions and photos guide readers as they learn to fold animals and plants from habitats around the world. Fun facts teach the reader more about the creatures and places in each book as they work their maker muscles. Just grab some paper and get folding at home or in the classroom.

World of Robots (Bolt Jr.)

From exploring space to exploring the deepest parts of the ocean, robots are becoming a big part of human life. With engaging graphics and charts that emphasize visual literacy, let readers explore the impacts robots are having on our world and our future.

World Series Champions

The World Series is the biggest stage in baseball, and World Series Champions gives young readers a ticket to the “Fall Classic”! This series celebrates the highlights and stars of 16 Major League Baseball teams that have batted, slid, and thrown their way to championship glory. The text simply but efficiently narrates each team’s history, while exciting photos of historical and contemporary greats help introduce baseball immortals.

World's Biggest Animals, The (Pogo Books)

Did you know there is a whale as long as two school buses? Or a bird that's so heavy it can't even fly? Kids will enjoy exploring the world of supersized animals in this exciting series. Carefully levelled text and vibrant, full-colour photos support early fluent readers and make reading informational text easy and fun.

World's Smartest Animals, The (Blastoff! Readers: Level 3)

The world is home to some amazingly intelligent animals! This low-level series explores the brainiest species in the animal kingdom, from dogs to octopuses. Vivid photos draw beginning readers in, while levelled text explores the intelligence of each animal. Features such as brain comparison charts, animal profiles, skills infographics, and scientific study side bars offer even more information about the world’s smartest animals!

Wrench, The  

Bob’s tricycle is broken and he needs a wrench to fix it. He ventures out to buy one at the Megamart, where slick salesman, Mr. Mart, convinces Bob that it’s not a wrench he needs, but a fridge hatàsinging pajamasàa screaming machine! Bob spends all his money on things that he really doesn’t need and before he knows it has no money and no wrench. Lively illustrations and quirky hand-lettering make The Wrench a delight to read while also conveying an important message about consumerism and excess

Wrestling Superstars (Bigfoot Books)

This series introduces readers to some popular contemporary wrestlers, covering their early lives, wrestling careers, skills, and signature moves. Each title features informative side bars, engaging infographics, vivid photographs, and a glossary.