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Summer Green to Autumn Gold

This nonfiction picture book written and illustrated by Mia Posada beautifully explains why leaves change color in fall. It highlights both the eye-catching colors of the season and the science behind the colors.

Summer Olympic Sports

Once every four years, the best athletes gather at the Summer Olympic Games in tests of speed, strength, and teamwork. Learn about the most popular events and how they captivate audiences around the world.

Summit Middle School

Middle school is the perfect storm of BFFs, frenemies, and mean girls. If you haven’t been frozen out, dumped, or betrayed, then you are lucky. This series tackles the challenging years before high school. The newly forged friendship between Carson Roberts, Emma Swanson, and Mai Pham seems unbreakable. The girls have found a kindred spirit in each other. Together, they turn the tables on the most beautiful bully in Texsun City, Jessa McCain. There are no power struggles between these three besti

Super Cute! (Blastoff! Readers:1)

Open these books to treat yourself to some of the cutest shots of babyanimals around. It doesn’t matter if they’re eating, sleeping, or playing,the babies in this series are absolutely adorable. Expect to smile and laugh as you read.

Super Potato

This hilarious, irreverent graphic novel series is perfect for fans of Captain Underpants. Spanish cartoonist Artur Laperla presents the adventures of a costumed crime-fighter who gets turned into a potato and becomes a bigger hero than ever.

Super Science Feats (Pogo Books)

Who flew the first airplane? How did we get men on the moon? Why were cell phones invented? When did the Internet begin? Each book in Super Science Feats profiles a specific accomplishment in the history of engineering. Bright, colour photographs complement the carefully levelled text to make reading for understanding easy and fun.

Super Sea Creatures (Bolt)

Tiny seahorses drift through the sea. Colourful moray eels capture helpless prey. The sea is full of super creatures. Dive into this series and learn about them all.

Super Sticky Mistake, A: How Super Glue Was Accidently Invented!

Everyone makes mistakes, and Harry Coover is no different. A brilliant scientist, Harry keeps making the same extra-sticky mistake, but he begins to wonder whether it's not such a mistake after allà

Superhero Superstars (Beacon)

For years, superheroes have captured the public imagination. This high-interest series shines a light on the superstar actors who bring these beloved characters to life, exploring how they got into acting and what it’s like to play superheroes.

Surfer Dog  

In this vibrantly illustrated picture book, a boy and a dog share a special friendship and a love of surfing.