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Spot Sports

Young sports fans will love learning more about their favourite games! In this series a search-and-find feature guides early readers as they learn new vocabulary pertaining to different sport fundamentals, player positions, and rules. Carefully chosen photos and words are sure to captivate kindergarteners and other readers, alike!

Spot Wild Cats

Animal lovers will pounce on these levelled readers about furry, fantastic wildcats. A search-and-find feature helps early readers learn new vocabulary about body parts, habitat, and behaviour. Support visual literacy with awesome photography, photo clues, and an answer key.

Spotting Differences (Blastoff! Readers: Level 1)

The animal kingdom is full of look-alikes! Young readers will dig into physical and behavioural traits of each animal to spot the differences between each pair. Full spread side-by-side comparisons point out special characteristics of each animal, while labeled photos and picture glossaries visually define difficult vocab words within the low-level text. Beginning readers will be able to tell these doppelgängers apart in no time!

Spring Is Here (Scout)

From baby animals to rain showers, the spring season brings many changes. This charming series explores the activities and natural wonders that people can enjoy in spring.

Spy Kid (Hi Jinx)

Everything kids need to know about being a spy (and more!) is at their fingertips with Spy Kid. From famous spies to how to master spy techniques, this series prepares readers for top secret missions of their own. Features conversational text, step-by-step instructions, and engaging fun facts.

Star Biographies (Fly!)

See Hollywood through the eyes of its biggest stars with these electrifying and revealing books. Go behind the scenes with celebrities like Camila Cabello, Dwayne Johnson, and Millie Bobby Brown, while highlighting their careers, early life, and legacy. With easy text and captivating pictures, these hi-lo books will have emerging readers feel like they are walking the red carpet!

Start with Art

This series is ideal for all your budding artists. Using several mediums, from torn paper to paint, students will explore the world of art. The accessible style, step-by-step instructions, and fun illustrations assure success without intimidation.

Start Your Engines! (Bigfoot Books)

This series introduces readers to the defining characteristics, history, mechanics, and uses of twelve cool rides. Each title features engaging infographics, informative side bars, vivid photographs, and a glossary.

Starting Out

Starting Out narrates the tale of growing up in the wild. This series employs simple language and a unique first-person perspective to introduce foundational biological concepts as it follows the adorable animal through the start of its young life. The straightforward text and large photos of the animal in its natural environment will both entertain and enlighten as readers learn how the animal's physical features, diet, habitat, and familial relationships play a role in its growth and developme

States of Mind (Blue Owl Books)

Each book in States of Mind highlights a different mood, what can cause it, how we experience and show it, how we can identify it in others, how it affects our thinking and behaviours, and how we can best respond to and understand these moods and emotions.