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Silas’ Seven Grandparents  

In this picture book, Silas finds a unique solution for keeping up with his seven adoring grandparents and step grandparents.

Silly Sketcher (Hi Jinx)

Bring together art and laughter with this hilarious series. From putting food on human legs to silly bobblehead creations, step-by-step instructions andimages will guide readers to create their own silly sketches.

Simon Steps Into the Ring  

A little boy learns to acknowledge his temper in this illustrated picture book for young readers.

Simple Machines Fun! (Blastoff! Readers: Level 2)

Pulleys, levers, and wedges have been around for thousands of years! This title introduces young readers to the science behind these simple machines and how they make our lives and work easier every day. Features such as diagrams explain tough concepts, while experiments let readers test the machines themselves. Readers will discover just how fun simple machines can be!

Sing Some More

Before the sun even rises, a confident group of birds is warming up their vocal chords preparing for a full day of singing. They perform solos and acapella and arpeggios. And they sing and sing--and sing some more! Until the day comes to an end and they decideâǦthey're actually pretty exhausted. But come morning, they have big plans to SING SOME MORE!!!

Skilled and Vocational Trades (BrightPoint Press)

Skilled and Vocational Trades explores the career paths of electricians, plumbers, drone pilots and more. The books describe the jobs associated with each trade and provide information on training and education, life on the job, and the career outlook. Each book includes a fact sheet, a graphic that visually presents key information, source notes, and resources to aid in further research.

Skydiving Beavers, The: A True Tale

Just after World War II, the people of McCall, found themselves with a problem on their hands. McCall was a lovely resort community in Idaho’s backcountry with mountain views, a sparkling lake, and plenty of forests. People rushed to build roads and homes there to enjoy the year-round outdoor activities. It was a beautiful place to live. And not just for humans. For centuries, beavers had made the region their home. But what’s good for beavers is not necessarily good for humans, and vice versa.

Sky's the Limit, The (Blue Owl Books)

The Sky's the Limit helps readers create constructive attitudes, build confidence, and foster positive peer networks. Each title empowers the reader, detailing specific practices and mindfulness activities they can participate in daily to help achieve their goals, while reinforcing the concepts of social and emotional learning (SEL).

Sleeping Bear Board Books

Rhyming riddles, coupled with colourful artwork will engage even the smallest of readers! Learn about Canada, some of our favourite sports and other fun topics in these fun filled board books!


Slither into this fascinating series which features some of the world’s deadliest snakes. From the amphibious banded sea krait to the largest killer of them all-the king cobra-Slither! is sure to thrill and chill! Fascinating information and stunning photographs will keep children engaged as they learn about the natural habitats, physical characteristics, diets, and behaviour of these scaly creatures.