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Canadian Titles (217 series)

Infinite Blue  

In this novel for teens, an elite swimmer and a talented artist face a life-altering incident that tests the limits of their love.

Island in the Salish Sea  

A beautiful picture book about the simple joys of spending summer vacation on an island in the Salish Sea with Gran.

Itty Bitty Bits  

No sleepover until Molly’s room is clean.But her family is too busy with their own difficult tasks – even the dog, Indiana Bones. By observing a hard-working ant, Molly learns to tackle a big job in itty bitty bits. “You can do it. Yes, you can!” is the confident message Molly shares with her family as she zooms to clean her messy room. The story ends with a sleepover and that invites readers to steam their own treat of hot-buttered pea pods.

J'adore le sport  

Ces livres sur le sport encouragent les enfants actifs à lire et les enfants qui aiment lire à faire du sport. Grâce à ces ouvrages, les jeunes lecteurs apprennent les bases de chaque sport et acquièrent suffisamment de connaissances pour pouvoir suivre une compétition. Chaque titre de cette collection comprend des textes et des photos mettant en scène des garçons et des filles, un schéma du terrain ou du lieu de compétition, ainsi qu?un glossaire photographique des mots propres au sport en ques

Junk-Pile Jennifer  

Every day she looks for new treasures to add to her collection. She doesn't mind that her nickname in the neighbourhood is Junk-Pile Jennifer. In fact, she kind of likes it. When her father has finally had enough of all her junk, she moves it into the backyard, builds herself a comfortable house and lives there happily ... until something incredible falls from the sky!

Just Enough: Difficult Topics Made Easy  

An engaging introduction for very young children to the basic facts of life in a way that is gentle, age-appropriate and accessible. Child psychologist Dr. Jillian Roberts created the Just Enough series to help parents and caregivers approach difficult subjects with little ones. These primers offer a gentle and accessible starting point for conversations about important topics.

Kasey & Ivy  

In this middle-grade novel, twelve-year-old Kasey spends a month in the geriatric ward of her local hospital and strikes up some unusual friendships.

Kings of the Court  

When the Gladiators basketball team's nasty coach finally gets turfed midseason, things couldn't possibly get worse. The team hasn't won a game yet, and morale is at rock bottom. Sameer, who announces the games and keeps score, and Vijay, the team mascot, have their hands full keeping the team's spirits up. When they get promoted to assistant coach and manager, can they help a small, unathletic, Shakespeare-quoting drama teacher coach the team to victory, or at least to dignity? Or will the cour

La vie autochtone au Canada : au passé, au présent et au futur  

Les peuples autochtones ont joué un rôle influent dans l’histoire du Canada, et ils maintiennent leur rôle encore aujourd’hui. En observant du passé vers l’avenir, la série La vie autochtone au Canada révèle les défis que doivent surmonter les peuples autochtones, célèbre leur diversité culturelle et souligne leur contribution dans l’établissement du Canada.

L'Atlas de Marie : Marie découvre le Manitoba  

Parcours le Manitoba avec l’espiègle Mary et son atlas magique. Un bison volant nommé Bou et d’autres animaux incroyables aident Mary dans sa quête du flambeau du Golden Boy qui a été emporté au loin par le vilain Vent du Nord. Rejoins Mary dans ses aventures et découvre avec elle le Manitoba.