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Canadian Titles (205 series)

Spirit Level  

Harriet (known as Harry) is a donor-conceived child who has never wanted to reach out to her half-siblings or donor until now. Feeling adrift after a breakup with her long-time boyfriend, Harry tracks down her half-siblings, two of whom are in Seattle, where Harriet lives. The first girl she meets is fifteenûyear-old Lucy, an effervescent half-Japanese dancer. Then she meets Meredith, a troubled girl who is always accompanied by her best friend, Alex. Harry and Alex are attracted to each other,

Sports d’aventure  

Avec ces livres, apprends-toi comment pratiquer ces sports excitants. Cette collection te décrit l'équipement dont tu auras besoin pour commenceret les compétences qu'il te faudra développer. Il t'explique également les règles de sécurité à respecter pendant la pratique de ces sports d'aventure.

Spot Les Saisons  

La nature change au rythme des saisons. Comment se comportent les animaux, les plantes et la météo pendant chacune d’entre elles? Chaque livre offre des explications simples à la portée des jeunes lecteurs et est illustré de magnifiques photos. La fonction « cherche et trouve » unique à la collection Spot, encourage une participation active parmi les jeunes lecteurs de ces premiers livres documentaires.

Stepping Stones: A Refugee Family's Journey  

The story of Rama and her family, who are forced to flee their once-peaceful village in Syriato escape the ravages of the civil war raging ever closer to their home. With only what they can carry on their backs, Rama's family sets out to walk to safety in Europe. Nizar Ali Badr's stunning stone images illustrate the story.

Straight Punch  

Tessa McPhail has a bad habit--tagging--that lands her at New Directions, an alternative school in Montreal's toughest neighbourhood. The school is far from Tessa's home and full of troubled kids. To make matters worse, half of every school day is devoted to boxing. The other students think boxing is cool. Not Tessa, who cannot handle violence of any kind. But when a neighbour starts a petition to have New Directions closed down, Tessa discovers something worth fighting for, both in and out of t

Surfer Dog  

In this vibrantly illustrated picture book, a boy and a dog share a special friendship and a love of surfing.

Surviving the Hindenburg  

On May 6, 1937, the giant German airship the Hindenburgwas destroyed by fire as it attempted to land atLakehurst Naval Base in New Jersey. Of the 93 peopleon board, a remarkable 62 survived, including WernerFranz, the ship’s 14-year-old cabin boy.In Surviving the Hindenburg, writer Larry Verstraete recountsyoung Werner’s story of the airship’s final voyage.Through Werner’s memories young readers will explorethe inner workings of the giant airship, marvel at thebreathtaking vistas from i

Swimming With Seals  

A stunning picture book set in the Pacific Northwest about an alternative, multigenerational family and their love for their granddaughter, niece and daughter.

T is for Tutu  

Tutus and leotards, pointe shoes and ribbons, stretching exercises at the barre - these are all familiar images when one is thinking of ballet. But there's much more to this historic dance form than pink tulle. There's hard work with years of study. Following the alphabet, in T is for Tutu: A Ballet Alphabet dancer Sonia Rodriguez, with husband Kurt Browning, introduces this dance form from its beginnings at the court of Louis XIV to basic positions and training to famous stage roles. L is for t

Tag Along  

Friendships are forged on prom night, when four teens help each other through disappointment, near-arrest, parental interference and panic attacks. Themes: friendship, randomness, bonding, sexuality, loyalty, integrity, LGBTQ.