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World Leaders (Voyager)

World Leaders introduces readers to some of today's most powerful political figures. From the leaders' roles on the global stage to the history of the nations they lead, these informative narratives connect readers with current events by covering everything they need to know about the leaders impacting their world.

World Mythology

Mythological tales can be found in cultures around the world. Although the characters and storylines differ from one culture to the next, they have a shared purpose: to explain the unexplainable and to reinforce cultural values. Each book gives readers insight into a different culture by way of the stories that have followed that culture’s development through time.

World of Drones

No longer just a toy or tool of war, drones are fast becoming another in a long line of life-changing technologies. This series examines the expanding use of drones for various purposes; the benefits, challenges, and concerns resulting from these uses; and where ongoing develops are leading. All books feature real-world examples, fully-documented quotes, and clear, thoughtful narrative.

World of Robots (Blastoff! Discovery)

More and more, robots are extending their reach in the working world. Today, these high-tech helpers are builders on assembly lines, surgical assistants, recon specialists, space explorers, and more! This series gives hard-working robots the recognition they deserve, with standout bots like da Vinci, PackBot, and Robonaut getting special attention.

World of Video Games, The

The World of Video Games explores the many topics and controversies in the video game industry. Readers will learn about such topics as the history of video games, breakthrough technologies, and the rising popularity of E-Sports. They will understand how video games affect both individual people and society. The books look ahead to the future, charting the likely paths of the video game industry.

World of Work (Bright Futures Press)

World of Work provides an early introduction to recognized career pathways using age-appropriate language, high-energy graphics, 21st century skill-building activities, and relevant common core correlations.

World Studies (Voyager)

Our world contains an incredible diversity of geographies, nations, and cultures. This informative series explores eight regions of the world, focusing on their rich and complex histories, natural environments, economies, governments, and peoples.

World's Greatest Soccer Players (SportsZone)

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, and young readers are hungry to know more about its superstars. World's Greatest Soccer Players tells the stories of some of the iconic stars in men's soccer today, from their childhood all the way to their triumphs on the international stage for their professional clubs and their home countries alike. The exploits of these players come to life through exciting storytelling and action-packed photos, giving soccer fans a fresh look at some of the gam

Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook

Danger! It lurks at every corner. Volcanoes. Sharks. Quicksand. Middle School. What do you do? The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook is here to help. These volumes are jam-packed with how-to, hands-on, step-by-step, illustrated instructions on everything you need to know - from defusing a bomb to navigating your first middle school dance. Filled with frightening and funny real information, these indispensable pocket-sized guides will provide young readers with a light-hearted guide to coping

Worst-Case Scenario Ultimate Adventure, The

This interactive series involves the readers as part of the intrepid team going on extreme adventures. Throughout each book, the reader makes decisions that determine the fate of the journey.Will you climb to the summit of Mount Everest and return to base camp safely? Will you survive your encounters with tarantulas, monkeys, and jaguars in the Amazon? Will you be forced to turn back early...or worse? Only you can determine your own fate! Highly illustrated in comic book style, and based on re